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    Category: Health & Body

    Stupid customers in stories are bad enough. However, dealing with a customer’s health issues may be hazardous to your own health! Please consult your doctor before continuing.

    Can’t Hear You Over Your Colon

    | MI, USA | Extra Stupid, Health & Body

    (I’m in the waiting room of the endoscopy center, waiting for my grandma to come out from her colonoscopy. A nurse opens the door and reads aloud from a chart.)

    Nurse: “Theodore?”

    Old Man: “Yes?”

    Nurse: “Okay, so you’re Theodore?”

    Old Man: “Yes, ma’am.”

    Nurse: “And you’re here for a colonoscopy today, correct?”

    Old Man: “What?!”

    Nurse: “A… colonoscopy?”

    Old Man: “NO! My WIFE is!”

    Nurse: “Oh. You’re not Theodore?”

    Old Man: “You said PETER, so I answered you!”

    Nurse: “… Okay, then. Is Theodore here?”

    (An old man walks from the back of the waiting room.)

    Theodore: “I’m sorry. I heard him answer, so I assumed another Theodore was ahead of me.”

    Peter: “Well, I know one thing. I am not deaf, and she definitely said Peter first.”

    Theodore: “Well, I am deaf, and she said Theodore. You may need your hearing checked, sir.”

    Giving Her A Good Dressing Down

    | Melbourne, VIC, Australia | Bizarre, Health & Body

    (I am a 17-year-old high school student in the supermarket after school. I am in my uniform buying some study snacks to take home. I’m wandering down the chips and confectionary aisle, when another customer approaches me.)

    Customer #1: “Why is your dress so short?”

    Me: “Excuse me?”

    (My dress is about two inches above my knee, and I’m 5’7″ tall.)

    Customer #1: “Girls should be wearing longer dresses!”

    (The customer then lunges for my dress, attempting to pull it down. Another customer sees and then intervenes.)

    Customer #2: “Geez, leave her alone.”

    (The first customer begins walking off but not before leaving me with this little gem:)

    Customer #1: “She’ll be pregnant before the year is out unless she gets a longer dress.”

    Giving Him A Good Dressing Down

    Going To Great Pains

    | NC, USA | Crazy Requests, Health & Body, Wild & Unruly

    (I work as a nurse for outpatient procedures. A patient has come in for a not-very-painful procedure, and has already received all of the drugs that we can safely give her for pain. This amount would have had a normal person sleeping by now.)

    Patient: *screaming like she’s being tortured*

    Me: “Oh, sweetheart, I know this is hard.”

    (I put my hand in hers.)

    Me: “Here. Try and breathe, and squeeze my hand.”

    (She throws my hand away from her.)

    Patient: “I don’t want your f****** hand. I WANT MY GODD*** DRUGS!”

    Like Getting Blood From A Stone

    | Miami, FL, USA | Bad Behavior, Health & Body

    (My friend and I are walking into a store with a blood drive van parked up front.)

    Recruiter: “Hi! Would you like to donate blood? It could save a life!”

    Friend: “Sorry. I don’t believe in helping others.”

    Needs To Clean Up Their Act

    | FL, USA | Crazy Requests, Food & Drink, Health & Body

    Customer: “Can you come around to the front of the case so I can show you which steaks I want?”

    (I could have gotten the steaks perfectly easily from behind the case, but I do as the customer asks. I put on my plastic gloves and open up the case from the front.)

    Customer: *reaching into the case with his bare hand* “I want this one right here and—”

    Me: *quickly putting my hand over the steak* “Sir, please don’t touch the steaks with your bare hands.”

    Customer: “I just want to feel the texture of them.”

    Me: “Texture? Sir, it’s meat.”

    Customer: “I mean I want to make sure it’s not all hard, like it’s been sitting out all day.”

    Me: “I can assure you these steaks were cut less than an hour ago and have been in our refrigerated case ever since then, sir. But if I let you touch them in there, that would be a health hazard.”

    Customer: *suddenly furious* “What do you mean, a health hazard?! My hands are clean! What do you think I am, some kind of slob sicko?!”

    (I can tell him several reasons why I can’t let him touch the steaks, no matter how clean he thinks his hands are. But I have a different idea.)

    Me: “I’m sure your hands are clean, sir. But let me ask you this. If the person in line ahead of you wanted to put their hands all over the steaks, would you want to buy one then?”

    Customer: “Ugh! No!”

    Me: “Well, there you go. That’s why I can’t let you do it either.”

    Customer: “But my hands are clean! My hands are CLEAN!”

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