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    Category: Family & Kids

    Breaking Bread Can Break You Up

    , | Maine, USA | Family & Kids, Food & Drink, Spouses & Partners

    (A couple comes in and races up to the sandwich unit.)

    Woman: “Hi, we only need one sandwich for our kid. I’m gonna make it quick, I promise. He wants a six inch white—”

    Man: “No, he doesn’t. He wants flatbread.”

    Woman: “No, he wants white!”

    Man: “Flatbread!”

    Woman: “Shut up, I know what he wants!”

    Man: “No, you don’t! He won’t eat white bread!”

    Woman: *sighs* “Is there any way I can get the sandwich on a flatbread, but put white bread on the side? I know I’m right, and he hates flatbreads.”

    Me: “Yes, of course. It’s just costs a bit extra.”

    Woman: “Okay, so turkey and cheddar cheese.”

    Man: *shakes his head* “He likes American.”

    Woman: “No, he doesn’t!”

    Man: “Yes, he does!”

    Woman: “Shut up! You’re confusing people!”

    Me: “Would you like me to put some American on the side?”

    Woman: “No! He HATES American, so there’s no point. Besides, he wants it toasted.”

    Man: “Finally! Something right!”

    Woman: “Right, so toasted with olives and mustard, and that’s it.”

    Man: “He wants lettuce, too.”

    Woman: “Fine, s***! Put lettuce on there and when he won’t eat it. Whatever!”

    Me: “…Anything else?”

    Woman: “No. HE’S probably confusing you already.”

    Man: “YOU’RE the confusing one.”

    (I ring them up and they calm down as they get ready to leave.)

    Woman: “Thanks, sorry about that. We didn’t mean to confuse you!”

    Must Be This Smart To Ride

    | St. Louis, MO, USA | Family & Kids

    (A theme park guest and her son want to board a ride. I check the boy’s height to make sure he can ride it, but sadly he is about four inches too short.)

    Me: “I’m sorry, ma’am. Your son isn’t tall enough to ride.”

    Guest: “What do you mean? Your sign says he can ride with a responsible person.”

    Me: “The sign also says he must be a certain height to ride.”

    Guest: “No, it doesn’t. Fix your sign now!”

    (I take the guest and her son out to the entrance of the attraction, and show her word for word the ride requirements.)

    Guest: “Well, this is outrageous!”

    Guest’s Little Boy: “Gosh mom, can’t you read? Do you want me to die?!”

    Guest: *storms off angrily*

    Guest’s Little Boy: *to me, while being led away* “Have a good day! Bye!”

    High-Strung At Heart

    | UK | Awesome Customers, Family & Kids, Top

    (I work in a toy store that sells a variety of products, aimed at all kinds and all ages. A teenage boy and his young brother come in, and are being quiet and behaving.)

    Girly Voice: “I’M TIRRRREEED.”

    (My back is turned to them, so I expect that they must have a young sister with them. Instead, I turn around to see a tall, pouting, blonde woman in 6-inch heels. Her boys call her “mum”, so it’s clear who she is.)


    (I’m not the only one to notice her behavior; other customers are agog at this grown woman having a tantrum in a toy shop. While this is going on, an elderly woman at the till smiles at me sweetly.)

    Elderly Woman: “Goodness, if that were my daughter, I’d give her a good slap!”

    Me: “Even at her age?”

    Elderly Woman: “ESPECIALLY at her age!”

    Heroic Mums Prefer To Keep Mum

    | Australia | Awesome Customers, Family & Kids, Food & Drink

    (I’m a customer at a local butcher with my mum. An older customer, maybe in his 60s, is giving the employee behind the counter a hard time. He’s patronising her and being all-around unhelpful. It’s obvious the employee is new and, by the way she is talking, appears to have a disability.)

    Customer: *jabs a finger at the meat* “No! Not that piece! THAT one!”

    (This has been going on for several minutes, and the employee is nearly in tears.)

    Customer: *sarcastically* “I’m only trying to help you, love!”

    (My mum, who is usually very easy-going, suddenly confronts the customer.)

    My Mum: “No, you’re not! You’re being very rude!”

    Customer: “Look, I just want my meat! Is that so hard?”

    My Mum: “Well, you don’t have to be so rude about it! This poor girl is trying her best!”

    Customer: “You can’t talk to me like that! I use to be an officer of the law!”

    My Mum: “That’s worse! You should be ashamed of yourself, a man your age behaving like this!”

    Customer: “Why don’t you step outside! I’ll have you arrested!”

    My Mum: “I’d like to see you try!”

    (Seeing that my mum isn’t going to be intimidated or back down, the customer leaves, looking very subdued. My mum quickly orders her meat and leaves before the employee, who is now truly in tears, can thank her properly.)

    Me: *as we’re leaving* “Mum, she wanted to thank you.”

    My Mum: “Being in one scene was embarrassing enough. I don’t need to be in two, thank-you-very-much!”

    Mother’s Little Yeller

    | Massachusetts, USA | Awesome Customers, Family & Kids, Top

    Me: “A few quick rules before we begin our tour: we don’t allow photography inside the museum and, as everything inside is antique, please try not to touch anything.”

    (At this point, I like to make a side note to any kids in the group to make them feel important. I turn to one of the visitor’s daughters at the front, who is about six years old.)

    Me: “Now, everyone always assumes that I’m talking to you when I go over these rules, but really, I know that you know how to behave. The grownups, on the other hand, think they can do anything because they’re grownups. So you keep an eye on your parents for me, okay?”

    (The visitor’s daughter grins and nods. Sure enough, a few minutes later…)

    Me: “The bed curtains on the bed in here were handmade by a local woman out of homespun linen. She did all the work herself and it took her nearly ten years to—”

    Visitor: “Wow, this is amazing!”

    (The visitor grabs the 250-year-old fabric and starts rubbing it between her fingers.)

    Visitor’s Daughter: *immediately smacks the visitor’s hand away* “Mummy you stop that! You heard what the nice lady said! Grownups have to follow the rules, too!”

    Visitor: *hangs head in shame*

    Other Visitor: “Oh my God, it worked!”

    (The visitor’s daughter gave me a high five on the way out!)

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