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    Category: Family & Kids

    Learning That Theft Is Not A Game

    | Roanoke, VA, USA | Criminal/Illegal, Family & Kids

    (This exchange is short, but occurred years ago while working at the front register of a local office supply retailer in the area. The way this building is set up is that you pass through two sets of doors, connected by a small hallway with glass panels so that we can see people entering/departing. I finish ringing up a young woman and her son, who has remained very quiet throughout the entire purchasing exchange. Then this happens.)

    Me: “Thank you for your business. Have a nice day.”

    Customer: “Thanks. Let’s go, [Son].”

    (The two make their way out; I happen to glance at them as they are walking away and notice the boy keeping his hands tucked behind his back. He is holding a small computer game disc out of view. At first I didn’t see it as theft; I couldn’t remember if I had rang it up. Regardless, I stepped over and before they got halfway through:)

    Me: “Sorry, miss, did you want me to bag his game as well?”

    Customer: “Wha-? Game?”

    (She then turns and sees what her son is holding, becoming pale and suddenly frantic. She snatches up the game and the boy’s hand, charging back into the store telling me how sorry she is and that she is making him take it back right away. I just stand there sort of in awe.)

    Her: “Wait until your father gets home!”

    Son: *says nothing, hanging his head, walking sulkily out the door behind his mother*

    Me: “Ah, well, then…” *under my breath* “…good luck, kid.”

    God Loves Little Girls Who Stand Up For Others

    | Denver, CO, USA | At The Checkout, Bigotry, Family & Kids

    (I’m a manager at a technology store and a lesbian. There are two men holding hands and giving each other little kisses every now and then, a woman who is trying her hardest not to look at them, and a mother and her five- or six-year-old daughter, all waiting in line. The two men get to the register.)

    Man #1: “Hi, we were wondering if you do wedding registry here?”

    Me: “No, sorry, we don’t. But my wife and I found when we were doing our wedding registry stuff that if you find a shop that doesn’t do a registry, just write down the SKU numbers so people can come in and—”

    Woman: “Come on, none of us have time to be dealing with your little gay pride bulls***! None of you should be getting married anyway. It’s a sin!”

    (I start to open my mouth, but the little girl stomps her foot and gives the woman the meanest look I have ever seen.)

    Little Girl: “That’s not nice! You say you’re sorry, right now!”

    (The woman is taken aback, but is not done with her rant.)

    Woman: “I will not apologize to sinners! What they are doing is wrong! God hates people like—”

    Little Girl: “No! Girls can like girls and boys can like boys. If God wanted boys and girls only to like each other then he would have made them only like each other! And don’t you know God loves everyone, even boys who like boys?!”

    (The woman and the little girl look at each other for a good 10 seconds until the woman drops her items on the floor and storms out. The mother, the gay couple, and I are all speechless. Like a total boss the little girl takes the expensive robotic toy from her mother and walks to the counter.)

    Little Girl: “I want this, please!”

    Man #2: “My soon to be husband and I would like to pay for that.”

    Me: “And wouldn’t you know it, we give 50% discounts to amazing little girls here!”

    Sharing Is Berry Important

    | London, England, UK | At The Checkout, Bizarre, Family & Kids, Food & Drink

    (A young girl and her granddad approach my till and he indicates the open bag of cranberries in her hand.)

    Man: “I’d like to pay for those, please.”

    Me: “Of course, sir. That’ll be 99p, please.”

    Girl: “Would you like one, Granddad?”

    Man: “No, thank you, darling.”

    (The little girl then reaches over the counter to offer the bag to me.)

    Girl: “Would you like one?”

    Me: *surprised* “Oh, no, thank you! But it’s very nice of you to offer.”

    Girl: *sternly* “You should ALWAYS share!”

    Gotta Catch All The Compliments

    | NJ, USA | Family & Kids, Geeks Rule, Movies & TV

    (A mother and her twelve-year-old son are preparing to leave. While she goes to hit the bathroom really quickly, her son is standing by the hostess stand and I notice his Pokémon hat. He starts walking towards the door.)

    Me: “Goodbye! Have a nice day!”

    Boy: “Thank you. You, too!”

    Me: “Oh, and by the way, nice Charizard hat!”

    (The boy stops in the doorway and slowly turns, staring at me incredulously.)

    Boy: “How did you know?!”

    (I lean over the stand, and stare at him will all the intensity I can muster.)

    Me: “Dude. I LOVE Pokémon. I’ve been playing it since I was in elementary school!”

    (The boy gets all giddy. At this point, the mother leaves the bathroom and the two head outside. But just before they get out of earshot, I hear the little guy say this:)

    Boy: “Mom, mom! She liked my hat! I told you I would find somebody!”

    Human Kindness Is A Simple Formula

    | TX, USA | At The Checkout, Awesome Customers, Family & Kids, Food & Drink, Money

    (A couple with a small child comes up to my register with a WIC transaction, which goes through without a problem until…)

    Me: “I am sorry but your formula didn’t go through.”

    (The couple is buying nine containers of formula at around $18 each.)

    Mother: What? Let me see.

    (I show them the slip and the starting balance, which shows no formula was offered through the program.)

    Father: “Great… and it’s Sunday so we can’t call them. Well, take off all but one and we’ll talk to them tomorrow.”

    (I nod and take allow them to purchase just the one can of formula with the rest of their items.)

    Me: “I’m sorry about that but h—”

    (At this moment the next customers in line, both 20ish year old females cut in.)

    Female #1: *handing me $20* “I’ll buy one of them.”

    Mother: *shocked* “Y… you don’t have—”

    Female #2: *doing the same* “We had parents that were just like you; please allow us to help.”

    Mother: *nearly to tears* “N… no, please don’t.”

    (Eventually, the pair got the mother to the accept the gifts, and when the pair was done with their regular purchases, I still couldn’t believe what happened and that there were still people who believed in the simple formula of human kindness!)

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