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    Category: Criminal/Illegal

    One Brick Shy Of A Load

    | USA | At The Checkout, Crazy Requests, Criminal/Illegal

    (I work for a firearm retailer. We put out an ad every month stating our monthly sales. It always states ‘while supplies last.’ A ‘brick’ is 500 rounds of ammo. A well dressed older gentleman walks up to counter.)

    Me: “Hello, sir. What can I do for you today?”

    Customer: “I’d like to buy a brick of 22.”

    Me: “I’m sorry, sir. We sold out earlier today.”

    (The customer pulls out the ad, slams it on the counter and points to the bricks of 22.)

    Customer: “And then what is this?”

    Me: “It’s an ad for 22, but everything is ‘while supplies last.’”

    Customer: “Do you understand the law of ‘false advertising?’”

    Me: “Yes.”

    Customer: “Well, [My Name], you will be hearing from my lawyer!” *smirks and briskly walks away*

    Manager: “Third threat of legal action this month; we’re on a roll.”

    (A lawyer actually called the next day and mentioned me specifically. He stated that he was only calling because his client paid him to ‘look into it.’ Nothing, of course, happened.)

    The Price Of Dishonesty

    | PA, USA | At The Checkout, Crazy Requests, Criminal/Illegal, Money

    (Our store is running a sale on certain cereals. I had just finished ringing up a customer who purchased some, and have told her the total.)

    Customer: “Wait, that can’t be right. The cereal is two for $4!”

    (After double checking the register, I look inside the flier.)

    Me: “Oh, sorry. These boxes are 18 ounces, and the sale’s only for the 13 ounce boxes.”

    Customer: “No it isn’t! They’re the same price over there.”

    (The different sizes having the same price was news to me, so I follow her over to the aisle to find that while only one was on sale, both had the same price.)

    Customer: “See? This is just dishonest!”

    Me: “Well… that seems strange, but only the smaller one is on sale.”

    Customer: “I can’t believe you’re doing something this dishonest! I’m reporting this!”

    (She takes out her cell phone and begins taking a picture of the price tags.)

    Me: “Giving them the same price seems weird, but how is it dishonest?”

    Customer: “Because they have the same price! What’s the difference between these two?!”

    Me: *confused* “This one’s five ounces larger, but not on sale?”

    Customer: “Forget it, I don’t want them anymore.”

    (We return to the counter, where a line has started to form.)

    Me: “All right, then. That will be [total].”

    Customer: “That’s still not right! This item is supposed to be a dollar!”

    (She marches back to the shelf and shortly returns.)

    Customer: “Never mind, it was the item next to that one that was on clearance.”

    (I needed manager approval for all the voided items, so I handed her money back while I started handling the other customers. When we later closed the register, we found it was short by the exact amount she owed. Apparently, she made the manager think I’d held on to her money. For how much she talked about dishonesty…)

    Organic Grocery Has A High Price

    | Ann Arbor, MI, USA | Crazy Requests, Criminal/Illegal, Extra Stupid

    (I was a senior manager in a small organic grocery store in a college town. I am on my way from my office to the stockroom when I see a young woman staring blankly into our dairy cooler.)

    Me: “Hi. Can I help you find something?”

    Customer: “Oh! Yes! I’m looking for ganja.”

    Me: “…I’m sorry, you’re looking for what?”

    Customer: “Ganja. Do you have any?”

    Me: “Umm, could you possibly mean kombucha?” *a fermented drink kept in that section of the cooler?*

    Customer: “Is it spelled G-A-N-J-A?”

    Me: *convinced there must be some sort of misunderstanding here* “No. No, it is not. How about this, can you tell me what type of product it is? I mean is it a food, or a juice?”

    Customer: “I really don’t know. You see, I sent my friend an email and got one of those automated reply thing that said he was ‘kicking back and consuming vast quantities of ganja’ while he is on vacation in Colorado. He seems to think its really good stuff, and he’s REALLY granola, so I figured he probably gets it here. I think maybe it’s a juice or something.”

    Me: “Ma’am, ganja is a slang term for marijuana.”

    Customer: “Oh, okay, and do you guys sell that here?”

    Me: “No, ma’am, I can assure you we do not.”

    Drawing A Blanc

    | UK | At The Checkout, Criminal/Illegal, Extra Stupid, Food & Drink

    (We are one of only two supermarkets in our small town, so we get lots of regular customers. Although we have to ID everyone under 25 every time they buy alcohol or cigarettes, we often make exceptions for people who forget to bring their ID, because we have seen it previously. We try to be relaxed about the rules as much as we can, to keep the locals happy. I am alone on the checkout when an old lady regular comes up with milk and wine.)

    Me: “And how are you this evening?”

    Customer: “Oh, very well! I’m just in to buy this wine because my granddaughter is cooking dinner for us. She can’t buy any because she’s under 18, and, well, she’s making this lovely kind of pavlova!”

    Me: “That sounds lovely, but you do realise that you REALLY shouldn’t have told you’re buying alcohol on behalf of someone who is underage? I can’t sell this to you if that’s what you’re doing.”

    Customer: “WHAT? But that’s why I’M buying it, for my dinner! I can buy wine if I want!”

    Me: *thinking hopefully I misheard her rambling* “Well if you ARE buying it just for your dinner, then maybe I can let you off with it, but you do need to understand that you can’t buy with intent to supply to alcohol to underage people.”

    Customer: “I can buy alcohol for my granddaughter if I want to. It’s for cooking. She won’t be drinking it!”

    Me: “I know what you are trying to say, but I need you to understand that you can’t TELL ME you’re buying it for a teenager. You can have it this time, under the circumstances, but I need you to tell me you understand you shouldn’t do it in future.”

    Customer: “This is unbelievable! If you’re going to be like that, you can take it back! I should be able to buy whatever I want! I’ll just go to [Other Supermarket] and buy it there!”

    (She storms off dramatically and the only other customer comes up to the counter.)

    Customer #2: “She didn’t seem like the brightest spark, did she?”

    Not Dog’s Best Friend

    | CA, USA | Bad Behavior, Criminal/Illegal, Pets & Animals, Theme Of The Month, Wild & Unruly

    (We are a grooming shop inside a larger pet store. One of our bathers brings out a dog that is going home. Since she worked on the dog, she proceeds to inform the owner how it went.)

    Bather: “[Pet] did pretty good for a first timer, but got a bit scared and tried to nip—”

    Customer: “BAD DOG!”

    (She then starts screaming and leans over our counter to take a swing at her dog with a closed fist. The dog ducks and hides behind the bather.)

    Me: “Ma’am! Please don’t hit your dog in here!”

    (She scowls at us and still looks angry, but we have no choice but to hand the dog over. A few minutes later one of the floor associates rushes in.)

    Associate: “The lady that just left just started kicking the s*** out of her dog and is now trying to stuff it in the trunk!”

    Me: “WHAT?!”

    (The bather calls the cops while I and the associate rush outside. We can’t see the dog in the car but the owner is in the driver’s seat, on her phone and screaming at us, as we box her in her parking space to keep her from leaving until the police arrive.)

    Police Officer: “I can take it from here. All of you get back inside.”

    (We never saw the woman again, but I still think of that poor dog.)

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