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    Some customers can be demanding, but within reason. These customers however make some requests that go beyond demanding, beyond reasonable, beyond possible! These requests, like the customers, are crazy!

    Has No Room To Maneuver

    | USA | Crazy Requests, Hotels & Lodging

    Lady: “I’d like a room.”

    Me: “I’m sorry, we have no more.”

    Lady: “What? WHY NOT?!”

    Me: “Because we have run out of rooms to sell.”

    Lady: “Don’t be smart!”

    Me: “You want me to act dumb?”

    Lady: “No! I want YOU to give ME a room!”

    Me: “Look, we don’t have any more. I don’t know–.”

    Lady: “Ridiculous! Absolutely ridiculous! I come in a hotel, and they don’t have rooms?! What madness is this?”

    Me: “Um—”

    Lady: “The whole POINT of hotels is to have rooms. Otherwise, it’s like me going into a mattress store and they have no mattresses! Or a hardware store and they have no wrenches!”

    Me: “I’m sure that even hardware stores run out of wrenches every once in a while… As for the mattress stores, they have plenty of stock in their warehouse for delivery. We can’t ‘deliver’ rooms and we have no warehouse.”

    Lady: “Stop being an a**!”

    (She ranted and raved about the ‘insane’ idea of a hotel having no rooms, and was eventually escorted off by security, still screaming!)

    You’re Minnow Good

    | MA, USA | Crazy Requests, Pets & Animals

    (A customer comes into our fish department and points at the minnows.)

    Customer: “I want 30 these!”

    (Being the new girl in training, I count out 30 minnows, bag them, and start tying off the bag. Then, after watching me the entire time closely, the customer speaks up.)

    Customer: “They too small! You grabbed small ones!”

    (So my trainer comes over to see what the problem is. I explain I grabbed all the minnows from the large minnow tank and my trainer confirms this with the customer. However the customer continues:)

    Customer: “She grabbed all small ones and I want big ones!”

    (The coworker training me wanted to choke him with a bag but instead dumped the 30 fish back into the tank and re-caught 30 ‘bigger’ minnows. They were all the same size.)

    The Opposite Of A Rib-Tickler

    | FL, USA | Bad Behavior, Crazy Requests, Family & Kids, Food & Drink

    (I’m the last to get cut tonight and end up having to pick up a table. Right off the bat, this woman tells me how last time she had a horrible experience and that our boss said he’d take care of them the next time they were in.)

    Customer: “I want our appetizer crispy, but not burnt. I want our ribs to be meaty and full. I don’t want them to just pick out any kind and my daughter will have her steak medium.”

    (I bring out the appetizer.)

    Customer: “This isn’t crispy at all! See all this?”

    (I go back and get a new one started for her. When I come back out to tell her that, she says:)

    Customer: “Well, we actually want it without all the seasoning on it.”

    (I run back to let the kitchen guys know, and they are now making the third appetizer for this family. I bring it out when it’s ready.)

    Customer: *after about a minute of eating the appetizer* “Why is everything taking so long? Why is the food taking so long? We’ve been here three hours!”

    (It’s been approximately a half an hour.)

    Me: “Well, ma’am, we had to make you three appetizers first, before the food was put in.”

    Customer: “I don’t care. It’s taking too long. And they better not screw up the ribs.”

    (I go back to the kitchen and tell the guys they really need to help me out here and they do their best.)

    Customer: *after biting into her ribs* “Do you see this? It’s so dry! Taste it!”

    Me: “No, thanks, ma’am. I trust you.”

    (I grab my manager and have her talk to them. We get her two new baked potatoes, she argues over what medium meant, etc. My manager takes the ribs off the bill. I take it out to her.)

    Customer: “Well, I don’t think we should pay for any of this! We didn’t eat it! My daughter hardly touched her steak.”

    (I ran back and begged my manager to take care of it, since they had been here over an hour and a half and we’re closed. She took care of the whole check. I sat down with the woman and chatted for a minute afterwards, and she handed me $6… on a check that should’ve been $50, for a table that kept me past closing.)

    Sugar-Coating The Prices

    | Lincolnshire, England, UK | Crazy Requests, Food & Drink

    (An elderly lady asks to see our wine list:)

    Customer: “Do you have any house white wines that are sweet?”

    Me: “No. Unfortunately our two house white wines are both dry wines. However we do have this [slightly more expensive] sweet white wine. Would you like a glass of that?”

    Customer: “No, no. Just bring me a glass of this house white wine and two packets of sugar.”

    Gave Them A Rude Awakening

    | USA | Awesome Workers, Crazy Requests

    (I work in the parts department of a tractor dealership. The wife of a local greenhouse owner (who I am unaware has a reputation as a real b****) comes in to pick up some small parts that are in will-call. The transaction goes smoothly; the parts are already pulled and on the shelf waiting for her. I give her the parts, she pays, and leaves. On Monday morning, the lady calls on the phone and demands to talk to the owner.)

    Owner: “Good morning! How can I help you?”

    Customer: “I want to complain about how I was treated when I came in on Saturday to get my parts! [My Name] was rude to me!”

    (The owner knows I had worked the previous Saturday, and I have a reputation for being courteous and polite. He puts the customer on hold, and calls me into his office to ask me about the encounter. I describe the smooth transaction that had occurred. He asks me to wait and went back to the call.)

    Owner: “[My Name] was rude to you? I have trouble believing that.”

    Customer: “Yes, he was discourteous and rude.”

    Owner: “I’ll tell you what, Mrs. [Customer]. There are two other dealers in town that you can buy your parts from in the future. Frankly, the $300 in parts we sell you yearly isn’t worth all the grief you give me. In the future, please take your business elsewhere.” *hangs up, turns to me and says* “That’s how we deal with that.”

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