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    Category: Crazy Requests

    Some customers can be demanding, but within reason. These customers however make some requests that go beyond demanding, beyond reasonable, beyond possible! These requests, like the customers, are crazy!

    In Desperate Need Of A Guide

    , | Kalix, Sweden | At The Checkout, Crazy Requests, Movies & TV

    (I’m working at a small fast food restaurant where we also have some assorted snacks, magazines, and newspapers. An elderly customer walks in.)

    Customer: “Oh, this TV-guide is old!”

    Me: “It is? Can I take a look? No, it’s the current one, till the fourth of December.”

    Customer: “But it came yesterday!”

    Me: “Yes, it did.”

    Customer: “I don’t want to pay for the day I missed! Remove that day from the price!”

    Me: “I’m sorry. I can’t do that.”

    Customer: *angrily* “But it’s old! I shouldn’t pay for a day I can’t use!”

    Me: “I don’t control what day you buy your TV-guide on…”

    (She eventually bought the TV-guide and left in a snit, slamming the door behind her.)

    Getting Sick Of This Call

    | BC, Canada | Crazy Requests, Health & Body, Liars & Scammers

    (I work at a call centre for a rental company. We are open quite late so keep in mind that it’s around midnight at this point.)

    Me: “Thank you for calling—”

    Caller: “I insist that you rush through the call as I can’t hold the phone for extended periods due to medical reasons!”

    Me: “Oh, okay. First I’ll need some information—”

    Caller: “No, no! That’s a waste of time! I insist that you refund me right away. And if you don’t I’m going to sue you and the company for my injuries because you’re taking too long!”

    (She also ‘had a seizure’ while on the call because my voice was too high pitched…)

    Refunder Blunder, Part 7

    | Toronto, ON, Canada | Bad Behavior, Crazy Requests

    (Customers are able to purchase items through an affiliated online sales channel, which has its own customer service department. Stores really do not have a lot of information regarding these orders, but customers usually come here first when there’s a problem. This customer calls on a Saturday.)

    Caller: “Yeah, I just got an email saying my order’s been cancelled. How do I get my money back?”

    Me: “Well, your refund will be processed however you paid for it, so it will go onto your payment card automatically.”

    Caller: “How much will I get back?”

    Me: “I’m not sure; I’d have to pull up your order details.”

    (I can basically see what they ordered, what they paid, and their order status, that’s it.)

    Caller: “Can I just get cash back? I don’t want to wait a month for it to process.”

    Me: “Well, it will only take a couple of business days…”

    Caller: “So, how much am I getting back? Why is this taking so long?”

    Me: “Well, let’s see. You paid about $5—”

    Caller: “But I paid shipping! If I’m not being shipped anything, I shouldn’t be charged shipping!”

    Me: “Yes, that’s true. You will be refunded the shipping—”

    Caller: “Then how much am I getting back? And when will I be getting it? God! Why are you taking so long with this?”

    Me: “Well, this was an online order. You’d really have better luck talking to online customer service.”

    Caller: “What’s their number?”

    Me: “Let me just pull that up for you—”

    Caller: “I’m not wasting another minute on this. Call me back next month when you’ve finally found it.” *rattles off phone number and hangs up on me*

    (Despite the shock of her rudeness, I pull up the online customer service number and proceed to call her back maybe 30 seconds later.)

    Me: “Hi, I’ve got that customer service number for you—”

    Caller: “About time. Give it to me.”

    (I give her the number and she hangs up on me again.)

    Me: “Well, that was fun.”

    Coworker: “Isn’t online customer service closed on weekends?”

    Me: “Yes, it is.”

    (And I would have warned her of that if she hadn’t hung up on me again. I guessed she had fun figuring that out for herself.)

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    Some Customers Are Thicker Than Others

    , | Wichita, KS, USA | Crazy Requests, Extra Stupid, Food & Drink, Technology

    (It is my third shift at my first job. I have been mostly getting complicated/difficult orders, and I’ve had no real training; they threw me into the chaos and expected me to figure it out as I went. So far I had been managing, but only barely. An elderly customer  approaches the counter.)

    Me: *smiling brightly* “Hi there, ma’am. What can I get for you?”

    Customer: “I’d like a half pound of [specific cheese] sliced as thick as your slicer will go.”

    Me: “That’s half a pound of [specific cheese] on the thickest setting, right? Coming right up!”

    (I am incredibly relieved as I get the cheese she wanted and get it on the slicer. This is the easiest order I’ve had all day and I can’t see how it could possibly go wrong. I bag the cheese and hand it over the counter to her.)

    Customer: “No, this is wrong.” *hands it back*

    Me: “I’m sorry. What’s wrong with it?”

    Customer: “That’s not how thick I wanted it. That’s not thick enough!”

    Me: *bewildered* “I’m sorry, ma’am. You asked for the thickest setting on the slicer, and that’s as thick as it will cut things.”

    Customer: “No, it isn’t! I get it cut thicker all the time! It should be one block. ONE. BLOCK.”

    Me: “Uh, I’m terribly sorry about that. I’ll fix this.”

    (I go get one of the knives and proceed to cut about half a pound off the block of cheese and bag that for her.)

    Me: “Here you are. I’m really sorry about—”

    Customer: “NO! NO! YOU HAVE TO CUT IT ON THE SLICER!” *throws the block back over the counter*

    Me: “I…I…Ma’am, I’m really sorry, but the slicer won’t—”

    Customer: “Don’t lie to me! Don’t you lie to me! I want my cheese cut that thick on the SLICER!”

    (I begin looking around frantically for a coworker, but my shift supervisor, who had been there only moments ago, has conveniently disappeared, and my only other coworker is dealing with a long line of customers at the hot bar.)

    Coworker: *calling across the deli to me* “[My Name], go cut it on the ‘special slicer’ in the back. I guess [Shift Supervisor] forgot to show it to you. It’s by the prep table back there.”

    (I’m confused but take the cheese back. The only thing by the prep table are the sinks, but then I see clean knives on it and realize that I just need to cut the block with a knife where the customer can’t see me doing it, so I hurriedly do so and rush back to the front.)

    Me: *handing the new block over* “I’m really sorry about that, ma’am. I just started and no one told me about that slicer.”

    Customer: *snatching the cheese* “Hmph. Well, you should have known. Next time don’t be so stupid.” *storms off*

    (This coworker saved me on several other occasions when customers were being exceedingly difficult, though the ‘special slicer’ remains the most amusing to me.)

    Got Ants In Your Pants About Buying This Animal

    | AZ, USA | Crazy Requests, Pets & Animals, Theme Of The Month

    (I work at a well known pet store chain. Late at night, just a half hour before closing, we get a phone call from a tired sounding woman.)

    Me: “Hello, thank you for calling [Pet Store]. This is [My Name]. How may I help you?”

    Caller: *sounds of customer trying to silence a barking dog* “Uh, yeah, do you have any anteaters?”

    Me: *I pause because I’m a little surprised by this* “I don’t believe we do.”

    Caller: “Are you sure? Because you kind of hesitated like you weren’t sure.”

    Me: “You said anteaters? Is that a name of a product or—”

    Caller: “No, like the animal. You know, like an anteater? Do you sell them?”

    Me: “I’m sure we don’t.”

    Caller: “You hesitated again. Maybe you should go make sure.”

    (The store is not very large and neither are the animals we sell: nothing bigger than a guinea pig. I tell her I will check and put her on hold for a few seconds. I inform the working manager and he tells me to just tell her I didn’t find any anteaters, which is what I do.)

    Caller: “Aw, man, really? I really need an anteater. Do you know if the other store carries them? What is it?”

    Me: “[Competitor]?”

    Caller: “Yeah! Do they have them? Do they have anteaters?”

    Me: “I’m very certain they do not.”

    Caller: “Are you sure? You kind of paused. Can you make sure?”

    Me: “Ma’am, there is no way I can check a competitor’s stock but I am pretty sure they don’t sell anteaters.”

    (After exclaiming her disappointment once again, she described to me her reason for needing an anteater. She told me she has a cousin who has a serious ant problem in her apartment and was told by a friend that they had solved a similar problem using an anteater, which, they said, can be purchased at some pet stores. What she intended to do with the large exotic animal after it served its purpose is still a mystery.)