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    Baby Talk To Make You Balk

    | Newport News, VA, USA | Bad Behavior, Family & Kids

    (My neighbors have gone out for the day, and have asked me to babysit their youngest daughter, who is about two years old. I bring her to the mall so we can do a little shopping. I have her strapped into her stroller, and am pushing her around through the clothes racks. As I pause to look at some tops, a rather large customer walks past a rack, and knocks off some of the merchandise. She bends over to pick up the clothes.)

    Two-Year-Old: “D***! That lady got a fat a**!”

    (The customer rounds on me with a death glare.)

    Customer: “What did you just say?!”

    (I point at the two-year-old girl, completely mortified.)

    Me: “I am so sorry! That was her!”

    (The customer opens her mouth to berate me when the two-year-old girl pipes up again.)

    Two-Year-Old: “D***! What a fat b****!”

    (The customer stares at the little girl in shock before glaring at me again.)

    Me: “She’s not mine! I’m just babysitting!” *to the child* “You shouldn’t say things like that! It’s very mean, and rude! Who taught you that anyways?!”

    Two-Year-Old: “Big sister! Now buy me candy, b****!”

    (I quickly wheeled her away under the glaring gaze of the customer. I didn’t babysit her ever again!)

    Skating Past Bigotry Into Racism

    | London, England, UK | Bad Behavior, Bigotry, Crazy Requests

    (I work in a skateboard shop. I’m female and have been working on skateboards from the age of 15. A teenage black male customer approaches my coworker and me. My coworker is also black.)

    Customer: “Yo, can you get out here and put fresh tape on my board?”

    Me: “Oh I’ll be happy to do that for you! Did you want a design or logo cut out? I just did this one; it looks pretty good.”

    Customer: “I ain’t having a girl touch my board. I want somebody who knows what they’re actually doing, not a woman!”

    Coworker: “Actually, she’s probably the quickest and neatest taper here, and watch your attitude.”

    Customer: “Nah man, I’m not having some b**** wreck my board!”

    Coworker: “Right, that’s it. Get out of my shop.”

    Customer: “What?! No way. You can’t kick me out because I’m black.”

    Coworker: *gestures to self* “It’s hardly because you’re black, is it? It’s because you’re insulting staff. Get out.”

    Customer: “That’s discrimination! I’m going to sue you!”

    (The customer leaves, ranting all the way out the door about how girls shouldn’t work in skate shops and he’s going to sue us for discriminating on race.)

    Coworker: “Yeah, good luck with that, mate.”

    Throwing Himself Towards The Ground(ing)

    | HI, USA | Bad Behavior, Family & Kids

    (I am talking to a mom about a purchase for her son.)

    Me: “Oh, and he’s getting the [Brand] set today?”

    Mom: “Yeah, but we’re not sure he’s really mature enough. He’s five and—”


    (We both turn to find her son perched above of a bin of LEGO blocks that kids can play with.)

    Mom: “Oh no…”


    (The son tears off his clothes and dives into the LEGOs.)

    Mom: *to me* “I’m sorry. Oh I’m so sorry!”

    (The mother pulls her son out of a very shallow bin and he begins crying.)

    Son: “Mom, being king sucks! I wanna be queen instead!”

    Mom: “Right now, all you are is grounded!”

    Her Chances Of A Place Are Spoiled

    | ON, Canada | Bad Behavior, Family & Kids

    (I am 11 years old, and I volunteer at a local daycare center. It is part of my job to interview people if they want to send their children here.)

    Me: “Hello and welcome to [Business Name]. I understand you want to send [Child's Name] here?”

    Mother: “Yes I’m thinking about doing so, if you can meet my standards.”

    Me: “Okay then—”

    Mother: “Well, don’t be useless, child! Show me around!”

    Me: “Well here is the main playroom where the children—”

    Mother: “What cleaning supplies do you use?”

    Me: “I’m sorry, what?”

    Mother: “Don’t be daft, child! What cleaning supplies do you use here?”

    Me: “We use [Brand Name].”

    Mother: “Oh, I don’t like them. I demand that you use [Other Brand].”

    Me: “Okay, I’ll tell my boss to see if she can ask the janitors to use [Other Brand] next time.”

    Mother: “You had better, child!”

    (At this point, her child begins climbing over the nap time cribs.)

    Me: “Oh, don’t do that [Child's Name] sweetie; you could fall and get hurt!”

    Mother: “No, it’s okay sweetie; I say you can.”

    Me: “Wha? No, ma’am, she isn’t allowed to do that here.”

    Mother: “You can’t tell someone else’s child what to do!”

    Me: “Okay, but when we’re watching her, we get to set and enforce rules.”

    Mother: “Well if [Child's Name] comes here, he will be allowed to climb over the couch.”

    Me: “No, I’m sorry, ma’am. If [Child's Name] comes here, he will be receiving no special treatment, and will not be climbing over the couch.”

    Mother: “Yes, he will.”

    Me: “No, he won’t.”


    (The mother stamps her foot hard on ground. I am speechless.)

    Mother: “Now, stupid child, give me the papers so that [Child's Name] can be signed up. I request that you stay in another room from my little boy at all times!”

    Me: “But, ma’am! It’s all one room!”

    (My boss, who has been watching our exchange, comes over.)

    Boss: “That’s okay, because you’re fired.”

    Me: “Why? I’m really good with the kids! They like me! They do! And I work for $2.50 for every two hours without complaining! This job means everything to me! Please! I’ll work at $0.50 for every three hours! I need this job so much!”

    Mother: “Serves you right for being a senseless b**** to these children.”

    Boss: “No [My Name], you are not fired. [Mother's Name], you are.”

    (The mother just stops and stands in awe.)

    Boss: “[My Name] was being very helpful to you, and you kept cutting her off. Then, she enforced a big rule, and you told the child to continue to do so anyway. Then you called her a senseless b****, and laughed at her for begging to stay with these children. Now get out before I call the police.”

    Mother: “Fine! I don’t need this place! It sucks anyway!”

    (The mother grabs her child and leaves. My boss turns to me.)

    Boss: “Your next lunch break is on me; you’ve been promoted to $20 for every two hours, and you can go home now.”

    Stress About The Dress

    | Taylorsville, UT, USA | Bad Behavior, Family & Kids

    (I’m an overweight woman, who has always struggled with weight due to a non-functioning thyroid. I struggle to find a store that caters to larger brides until I find this one, so I go to see what they have. There’s a large woman (probably about 5’5 and 350-380 pounds) on the stage in the center of the room having a fitting done. I’m browsing the catalogs when I hear an exchange between a daughter and her mother and the manager. The daughter is a thin girl who appears spoiled with how she talks. The daughter is staring at the larger woman on the stage, and leans in to her mother.)

    Daughter: “I can’t believe someone like her is actually getting married!”

    Mother: “I didn’t think whales mated for life!”

    (The bride-to-be has clearly heard the comments, and is looking devastated. She takes a step away from the manager who is doing the fitting, but the manager stops her and walks up to the mother and daughter.)

    Manager: “I can’t believe you think you’re going to get a dress from my store.”

    Daughter: “Well, joke’s on you then, because I’m actually here to pick it up! Besides, I’ve already paid.”

    Manager: “Oh, you’re picking up your order? What’s the name?”

    Mother: “It’s [Name].”

    Manager: “Alright…”

    (The manager goes behind the counter, taps some things on the register, and then hands a receipt.)

    Manager: “I need you to sign this.”

    Mother: “What’s this?”

    (The mother signs anyway.)

    Manager: “That’s you signing that you have accepted a full refund for your purchase. You can find another store to get your dresses at. I just cancelled your order and am refusing you service. Now leave before I call the police.”


    (The daughter starts throwing things around.)

    Mother: “We had those dresses custom made! How could you cancel her order! Look at her!”

    Manager: “I cancelled the order because I am not going to let any bride feel like she’s not worthy of marriage just because of her size. Clearly you both feel that you are better than others, and I have no place for clients that are, frankly, a**-holes. I’m calling the police, and since I still have your card information, I’m going to charge you for whatever damages your daughter causes.”

    (The manager picks up the phone. The mother grabs her daughter and they rush out of the door. I ended up buying my dress from them, and it was BEAUTIFUL! Turns out the manager has a daughter who has a severe thyroid disease and has struggled with weight as well!)

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