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    Two Girls, Eight Cups

    | USA | Bad Behavior, Food & Drink, Hotels & Lodging

    (We have a self-serve coffee station where two young women are talking.)

    Girl #1: “So, like, what are you going to SAY to him?!”

    Girl #2: *makes a cup of coffee* “I don’t know…”

    Girl #1: “After what he said about you!”

    Girl #2: *makes second cup* “What did he say?”

    Girl #1: “You know! You were there! You heard it all.”

    Girl #2: *makes third cup* “I don’t know… everything is just soooo messed up, you know?”

    Girl #1: “Like, for sure!”

    Girl #2: *makes fourth cup* “I don’t even know what I’ll say to him… I don’t even know if I want to be with him anymore!”

    Girl #1: *sympathetically* “I so understand!”

    Girl #2: *makes fifth cup* “That’s it, I’ll just say GOODBYE!” *makes sixth cup*

    Girl #1: “Good for you. He was a scumbag. Let’s go eat. Say, why are you making all those coffees? Are you like, really thirsty?” *giggles*

    Girl #2: “I don’t know. I’m not going to drink them. I’m just making them!” *makes seventh cup*

    Girl #1: “Well, won’t the employees here be really mad they have to clean that all up?”

    Girl #2: *shrugs* “I don’t know.” *makes eighth cup*

    Girl #1: “You’re so BAD! Teehee!”

    Me: “Excuse me, but we WILL be really mad if you keep wasting our coffee… so stop, please.”

    (They scamper out, grinning mischievously, leaving the mess of used sugar packets, coffee stains and half and half around. Yes, she added it in each one! Nice.)

    No Mower, Mow Problems

    | Nanaimo, BC, Canada | Bad Behavior, Money, Technology

    (At our equipment rental store we also do repairs on lawn equipment. Each spring, we get slammed when people can’t get their mowers started for that first cut. It’s strictly first come, first served, and customers are told what the approximate wait will be and that we’ll call them when the job is done. I am working in the back area where rental items are returned and fix mowers were kept when a well-dressed man in a very expensive car drove up.)

    Customer: “I’m here to pick up my mower!”

    Me: “Sure, what name was it under?”

    Customer: “It’s [Name], and I can see my mower right there.”

    Me: “Sure, just let me get the work order on that.”

    (I go to the ‘Done’ folder but there’s no work order. I double check the name and number on the tag on the mower, but still can’t find it.)

    Me: “Did you get a call saying the mower was done?”

    Customer: “No, but you’ve had long enough. I’m a doctor and my time is very important!”

    (I check in the shop and find the work order in the mechanic’s “Done” pile, but he hasn’t had time to complete it with parts, prices etc. I return to the customer.)

    Me: “I’m sorry, but it looks like the mechanic has just done the work, but hasn’t totaled the charges on the work order yet. I’m afraid he’s on his lunch break. If you could come back later this afternoon, I’ll make sure he has that ready for you.”

    (The customer goes into a tirade about how valuable his time is, and fully expects just to be able to drop in and pick up his mower at his convenience even though he hasn’t been called that it’s ready. With dread I go to the lunchroom, where the mechanic is relaxing after already putting in six hours to keep up with the rush.)

    Me: “[Mechanic], there’s a guy to pick up his mower. It’s done, but the work order isn’t completed. He ‘insists.'”

    Mechanic: *with a sinister look* “Send him to the counter; I’ll write it up.”

    (I overhear the customer giving the mechanic a piece of his mind as the work order is written up, then load the mower into the customer’s car. Afterwards I go to apologize for interrupting the mechanic’s much-needed break.)

    Mechanic: “Don’t worry about it. The carb’ on his mower was shot, so I took one off one of the dead machines and rebuilt it. I was going to give it to him for free, but since he was such an a**hole I charged him $50 for it. The guy was actually happy that I had ‘saved’ him money.”

    When They’re More Bitter Than The Coffee

    | Dallas, TX, USA | At The Checkout, Bad Behavior, Food & Drink

    (I work at a large coffee chain, and this week I’m helping out at another location instead of my ‘home’ store. Naturally, I don’t know any of their regulars.)

    Me: *handing drink to a customer* “Okay, here’s your dark roast coffee with two sugars.”

    Customer: “Next time I come in, you’re going to remember my order.”

    Me: “Excuse me?”

    Customer: “You’re not going to ask for my order again.”

    (I think maybe he’s joking, because, while of course I’d like to give everyone personal service, no one who is new to the store would be able to immediately know (and remember!) what all the regular customers order. But he is stone-faced, without even a hint of a smile.)

    Me: *with a smile* “Well, I’ll do my best, Sir!”

    Customer: “No, you’ll remember. What was my order again?”

    Me: “… a dark roast coffee with two sugars.”

    (He takes his coffee and walks off without another word. I look around with a ‘did that really just happen?’ expression. As soon as he left, the other baristas all chimed in with other examples of him being unbelievably rude. Sure enough, the next day, he came in and insisted on being helped immediately because “you have four people back there,” even though all four of us were busy doing something to help the customers in line ahead of him. I have no idea why someone would choose to be a regular at a coffee shop and then treat everyone so badly all the time!)

    Not A People Person

    | KS, USA | Bad Behavior, Language & Words

    (I work at a popular retail chain where a new assistant manager is focusing on getting the store and its associates to adhere more strongly to its policies. A customer comes to my computer to pick up an order he had sent from site to store.)

    Me: “Alright… looks like it’s here. I just need to get in touch with electronics so they can bring it up.”

    Customer: “…it’s not here?”

    Me: “It is! We just don’t have room to keep all the site-to-store items at the service desk, so we keep them in the backroom, where electronics brings it up since they’re the closest department to where it’s being kept.”

    Customer: “Whatever.”

    (My manager and I are furiously attempting to bring down the lines at the service desk. I have called up electronics and they are looking for the site-to-store customer’s item. About a minute passes after that call before the customer comes storming back up to the desk. He approaches the manager this time.)

    Customer: “Okay, what the f***?! My item should be here! Why isn’t it up here! What the F*** is going on!?”

    Manager: “You can leave the store.”

    Customer: “What about my ITEM, huh? I paid for that!”

    Manager: “I’ll refund it to you, and then you can just leave. We ARE people, you know.”

    Customer: *calms down, then looks at the ground* “…I only cussed a few times.”

    Complaining About A Lack Of Complaint

    , | OH, USA | At The Checkout, Bad Behavior, Food & Drink

    Coworker: “Uh-oh, she’s here.”

    (One of our regulars has pulled into the drive-thru. This woman is from the rich part of town, and is notoriously difficult.)

    Me: “I’m on it.”

    (I begin preparing her regular: a small mocha, with four large creams, more hot chocolate than coffee, no whipped cream, and splenda on the side. She also orders a wheat bagel, triple toasted, with double butter. Yes, the whole order is disgusting. The customer places her order and pulls around.)

    Coworker: *opening window* “That’ll be $4.55.”

    Customer: “Fine. I hope you did it right this time. Last time it was completely disgusting. I don’t know who you have in there, but they have no idea what they’re doing.”

    Coworker: “Don’t worry; we have our best employee on it. She always gets it right.”

    (This is stretching it, because no one ever gets it right for this woman. She’s one of those people who isn’t happy unless she can send something back. I hand over the food and drink to my coworker. He slips the splenda into a bag with extra napkins and a stir stick and hands everything out to her. When he holds the drink to her, she refuses to touch it.)

    Coworker: “Your drink, ma’am?”

    Customer: “Excuse me? I’m not touching it like that. I want it double cupped and with a sleeve. I’m not burning my hand.”

    (Somehow, my coworker manages to keep a straight face, despite the fact that her drink is cool to the touch because she ordered her SMALL drink with THREE LARGE creams. I silently hand him an extra cup and sleeve, both of which are new additions to her regular order.)

    Coworker: “Here you go! I’m sorry about that! Have a nice day!”

    (He closes the window and helps start on the next order. We’re all feeling anxious as we watch the timer tick up as the woman roots through her order, refusing to drive away until she’s checked everything. She opens the bag with the splenda and the begins rapping on the window.)

    Coworker: “Is there a problem?”

    Customer: *screaming* “I ONLY WANTED TWO SPLENDA!”

    (She throws the extra splenda and the napkins at him through the window. We’re all stunned. She then sits there and pours the TWO splenda packets into her drink, mixes it, and slowly sips it.)

    Customer: “UGH. This is disgusting.”

    Coworker: “We can remake it for you, if you want—”

    Customer: “No, I think you’ve wasted enough of my time!”

    (She peels off. In total, she sat at our drive-thru window for five minutes during our rush. She, of course, came back everyday for her “disgusting” drink.)

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