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    A Real Humdinger Of A Solution

    | Bryan, OH, USA | Awesome Customers, Bad Behavior, Bizarre, Top

    (Even though I don’t work in this store anymore, I still have friends that do. I am there getting fabric with my daughter. The fabric area is in the middle of the store. We start to hear a bell ringing on the other side of the store. Every 30 seconds the bell rings, and goes on for a good five minutes.)

    Employee: *looking at me* “He doesn’t even bother to look up, just keeps hitting it!”

    Me: *calling across the store* “He is busy. He will be with you in a moment!”

    (The customer just looks at me, and dings the bell more. This time, he doesn’t stop, and just keeps hitting the bell for a solid two minutes. At this point, I’m angry, I have a headache, and the employee is too nice to do anything rude, so I walk across the store, and grab the bell right out from under the customer’s hand.)

    Me: *holding the bell* “I said he was busy.”

    Customer: “HEY! You took my DINGER!”

    Me: *walking away* “Yes. I am now in possession of your ‘dinger.'”

    (The employee is trying to hide his laughter as I come walking back with the bell in my hand. The customer is following me and yelling the whole time.)

    Customer: “I demand service! I’ve been here before and I want someone to help me!”

    Me: You will get help as soon as he is available to help you. He is busy with me right now.”

    Employee: “Sir, I’m the only person on this half of the store, everyone else is on break. If you can just wait a moment, when I’m done with her I will come help you!”

    Customer: *looking at me* “What is your name?!”

    Me: “[My Name]. I’m not sure why that matters to you.”

    Customer: “I’m talking to your manager!”

    Me: “I don’t work here.”

    Customer: “Then why did you take my dinger!”

    Me: “Because you pissed me off!”

    Customer: “I have the right to ding the dinger!”

    Me: “Yes, you do! But you abused that right! So I have now banned you. BANNED!”

    (He storms off. About 10 minutes later, he comes back with a manager.)

    Customer: “HER! See, her! She is the one that took my dinger!”

    Manager: “Sir, I do not know this woman. She doesn’t work here.”

    Customer: “She was rude to me!”

    Manager: “Sir, she has that right.”

    Customer: “I demand you fire her!”

    Manager: “Sir, seriously, I do not know who she is. She doesn’t work here!”

    (The customer stomps away. The manager looks at me and laughs as she starts talking.)

    Manager: “He told me he wanted to complain about a customer, and I didn’t believe a customer would complain about another customer! I’m so sorry! He is always so rude, but this is a new low even for him!”

    Me: “It’s all good. I did what I know everyone has always wanted to do, and it felt soooo right!”

    From Mumble To Stumble To Rumble To Humble

    | USA | At The Checkout, Bad Behavior, Health & Body

    (I have an inner ear condition and am hearing impaired but not really to the degree that I need a hearing aid. An older woman approaches my line.)

    Me: “Hello! How are you today?”

    Customer: *mumbles while looking at the floor*

    Me: “Um… I’m sorry. What did you say?”

    Customer: *sighs and looks to the right, still away from me, mumbling again*

    Me: “Ah, okay.”

    (I ring up her items and tell her the total. She holds up three different cards and mumbles again, but I can read her lips to understand, ‘not enough.’)

    Me: “I’m sorry. I didn’t quite catch that. Did you say you want to use all three cards?”

    (She nods and rolls her eyes, then swipes the first card.)

    Me: “All right, and how much did you want on that one?”

    Customer: *mumbles into the card reader*

    Me: “I’m sorry. What did you say?”

    (She mumbles once more, but since this is the third time I asked her to repeat herself and I’m feeling embarrassed, I just let the transaction run through as if she was using one card because I have no idea how much she wanted on there. The card is, of course, declined and she shouts wordlessly.)

    Me: “I’m sorry, ma’am. Could you swipe it again, please? And I’m sorry, but how much did you say you wanted on that card?”

    (AGAIN she mumbles, with her head bowed so low I can’t even see her lips to try to read them. By that point, I’ve had enough.)

    Me: “Ma’am, I’m sorry, but I really need you to speak up, please. I’m hearing impaired and you’re speaking rather softly. I can’t hear you at all.”

    Customer: “You lying b****!”

    Me: *taken aback* “Excuse me?!”

    Customer: “Lying about being deaf is no excuse for your irresponsibility! You’re young! You’re not deaf. If you were, you’d have an earpiece in! You just listen to your music too loud; all you kids do. Keep that up, and you WILL be deaf before long!”

    Me: “Ma’am, I have [inner ear condition]. I have constant, loud ringing in my ears. Several times per day I lose all hearing in one or both of my ears for anywhere between three seconds to three hours. You’re right; I’m most likely going to completely lose my hearing before I’m 40 because there’s no cure or real treatment for it beyond surgery that might not even work. So please, while I still can hear you at all, could you speak up just a little?”

    (The customer stares at me, red-faced and silent, for a few moments. Finally she swipes the card again and then looks at me.)

    Customer: *loudly* “I’d like $10 on this card, please.”

    The Uniform Response

    | San Antonio, TX, USA | Bad Behavior, Food & Drink, Military, Top

    (I’m in a chain restaurant with my family when a group of four soldiers from the base come in. The group is very loud and rowdy, but no one wants to say anything because they’re soldiers. However, as they all order alcoholic drinks for ‘pre-gaming,’ they just get louder and rowdier. Finally, another customer at the table next to theirs has had enough.)

    Customer: “Excuse me. Can you four please quiet down? We’re all trying to enjoy our dinners.”

    Soldier #1: “With all due respect, shove it.”

    Soldier #2: “We’re willing to go out and die for your freedom and you can’t even let us have dinner?”

    Soldier #3: “We’re just trying to celebrate [Soldier #1]’s promotion, lady. Chill.”

    Soldier #1: “Show some f****** respect.”

    (The customer takes a deep breath, stands up and turns around, revealing a missing arm.)

    Customer: “Allow me to introduce myself. I’m Major [Customer] and I’ve recently been transferred to the base here after spending a few months in Walter Reed. I lost my arm to an IED in Iraq. I want all of your names. I’ll be talking to your C.O. as soon as I leave here, and I have a feeling you won’t be celebrating that promotion long. Now please keep your voices down so all of these people can enjoy their dinners, and stop being a disgrace to the uniform.”

    (The whole restaurant applauded her.)

    Cold Callers Versus Hot Heads

    | Yorkshire, England, UK | Bad Behavior, Rude & Risque

    (It is my first week of cold calling people to try to encourage them to buy a kitchen or windows. I do not want to be there, but I need the money.)

    Me: “Hello, am I speaking to the home owner?”

    Customer #1: “Yes?”

    Me: “I’m calling from [Company] to see if [launch into selling script]. So. do you think—”

    Customer #1: “DON’T YOU KNOW MY MOTHER HAS JUST DIED?!” *slams down phone*

    Me: “… No?”

    (I put her on to the don’t call back list despite the fact we’re not meant to do that unless they specifically ask us to because I feel sorry for her despite her rudeness, and let the automated dialer tick to the next cold call.)

    Me: “Hello, am I speaking to the home owner?”

    Customer #2: “Yes, you are. Who is this?”

    Me: “I’m calling from [Company] to see if [launch into selling script]. So. do you think that might be something you’re interested in?”

    Customer #2: “You know, you don’t have to do this. You could go back to college, educate yourself, and get a proper job. You don’t have to waste your life in a call centre.”

    Me: “Sir, I’m studying neurobiology at university.”

    Customer #2: “Oh, well, uh, no. I’m not interested. Sorry. Please remove me from the list. Good luck.”

    (Again, I put him on the no call back list then let the dialer click on…)

    Me: “Hello, am I speaking to the home owner?”

    Customer: *sighs* “Yes…”

    Me: “I’m calling from [Company] to see if [launch into selling script]. So. do you think you might be interested?”

    Customer: “Actually, maybe. Tell me more. What does it involve?”

    (The customer gets me to answer loads of questions, sounds really interested, and I begin to hope my day might turn round and I might finally check off the measly £1 bonus for getting someone to book a visit for a quote.)

    Customer: “Brilliant, thank you for that. Can you do me one last favour?”

    Me: “Absolutely, sir!”

    Customer: “Good. Can you F*** OFF?!” *slams down the phone*

    (I put him on the urgent call back list, meaning he’ll be called the next day around lunch time, and if he’s still rude to whoever is unfortunate enough to get him they will probably do the exact same thing. If you’re going to be a jerk to cold callers, remember we are human beings, too. Politeness gets you much further and it costs nothing to say nicely ‘I’m not interested; please take me off your lists.’ I started job hunting that night and left three weeks later.)

    A Continuous Sauce Of Stress

    , | Montgomery, AL, USA | At The Checkout, Bad Behavior, Food & Drink

    Customer: “Give me an extra sauce.”

    Me: “Yes, ma’am, but I have to charge you an additional 28 cents.”

    Customer: “I come here all the time! Just give me the f****** sauce!”

    (I’ve worked there for three years both day and night shift and have never seen this lady.)

    Me: “I’m sorry. I can’t give you the extra sauce unless you purchase it.”

    (The lady digs in her purse and pulls out some change. I hand her the sauce.)

    Customer: “Can I have a cup of water?”

    Me: “We charge for our cups as well. It would be 28 cents.”

    (I’m trying to hold back a smile as the customer glares at me.)

    Customer: “Have a good f****** night, b****!”

    (I smile at her politely.)

    Me: “Thank you, ma’am! I hope you have a wonderful evening as well!”

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