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    Your Biggest Bugbear

    , | Danvers, MA, USA | Awesome Workers, Bad Behavior, Food & Drink

    (It is my last week working as a waiter at a nice restaurant/bar before heading off to college. Late Friday afternoon, eight men in suits and ties come in for food and drinks. A couple minutes after serving their cocktails, one of them calls me to the table, stands up, and starts shouting.)

    Customer: “What’s the meaning of this? There’s a bug in my drink!”

    Me: “I’m so sorry sir. I’ve never seen that happen before.”

    (For the next five minutes he rants and raves. I apologize every time he’ll let me get a word in, but he won’t let up. He’s apparently trying to impress his companions, but they’re all rolling their eyes in embarrassment at his hysterics. Finally, he reaches the end of his tantrum.)

    Customer: “You should be fired for serving a drink with a bug in it. It’s completely unacceptable. Take this back and bring me another one. Get me another one, right now!”

    Me: “Certainly, sir. Of course.”

    Me: *turns to leave, hesitates, turns back to the customer* “To make sure I’ve got this right, sir, is that another bug or another drink you would like?”

    Customer: “…”

    Companions: *burst out laughing*

    (The customer turns red. He never said another word. The group left me a nice tip.)

    Customer Service Stripped Bare

    | NY, USA | Bad Behavior, Bizarre

    (I’m working in the shoe department of a popular retail store when my manager comes running towards me.)

    Manager: “[My Name], did you see a naked guy run through this department a second ago?!

    Me: “Uh… no?”

    Manager: “Are you sure?”

    Me: “Yes! I think I’d remember that!”

    Manager: “Right…”

    (He ran off down the aisle and I didn’t hear from him for the rest of the night. I heard from a coworker later on that the man in question had run out of the store, through the parking lot, and into a waiting car wearing nothing but socks and sneakers.)

    In Line And Out Of Line, Part 5

    | Sydney, NSW, Australia | At The Checkout, Bad Behavior

    (There’s a long line of customers with two staff members serving. The phone rings and my coworker answers.)

    Coworker: “Hi, this [Coworker]. How can I help you?”

    Customer: “Do you have [item] in stock? I need to buy one.”

    Coworker: *runs to check, comes back to the phone* “Yes, we have it in stock. Would you like me to hold one for you?”

    Customer: “Yes. I’ll be in to pick it up. My name is [Customer]. Good bye.”

    (My coworker goes back to serving the line. She serves two customers and then gets to the third one.)

    Customer: “Hi, I’m [Customer] and am here to pick up [item].”

    Coworker: “You called me while in the line?”

    Customer: “Yes. I am in a hurry and didn’t want to wait while you went to get the item.”

    Coworker: “Really? Did you realise that I had to spend extra time with the last two customers apologising to them because they were irate that I took a phone call while they were waiting? You would have been gone by now if you had simply waited your turn.”

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    Timeshare Beware

    | HI, USA | Bad Behavior, Spouses & Partners, Tourists/Travel

    (My wife and I are forced to sit in a timeshare presentation as part of our reduced cost stay at a resort. We had already decided it would be crazy for us to buy a timeshare as we have not yet even bought our own house.)

    Salesman: “So, can you tell us your personal priorities?”

    (My wife, who is an Ivy-League educated lawyer who works in not-for-profit human rights law, speaks up.)

    My Wife: “Money… Power! RESPECT!”

    (The salesman looks surprised while I turn to my wife:)

    Me: “Well, I guess I didn’t know we had such different priorities… for me it i about the little things… blunts, bling, and b****es!”

    (They really hated us.)

    This Customer Is Phoney

    | Leeds, England, UK | Bad Behavior, Family & Kids, Liars & Scammers, Technology

    (It’s the early 2000s, and my dad and I are at my grandma’s house. We see a salesman making his way around the street, and my dad says he’ll deal with him when he gets to us.)

    Salesman: “Hello, sir! I’d just like to talk to you about your telephone service.”

    Dad: “Sorry, I don’t believe in phones.”

    Salesman: “You… don’t believe in phones?”

    Dad: “No, I don’t. I don’t think they’ll ever catch on.”

    (At this point, I’m not sure if the salesman is playing along or genuinely believes him.)

    Salesman: “Oh, but sir! Telephones are very popular now! Everybody uses them! Some people even have small ones they can carry around with them!”

    Dad: “That sounds ridiculous! Nope. Sorry, I’m not interested. Goodbye!”

    (He then returned inside, and picked up one of his three mobile phones to send a text message.)

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