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    Category: Bad Behavior

    Should Take Stock Of Your Complaint

    | Seattle, WA, USA | Bad Behavior

    (A customer calls multiple times to schedule her pick up. She is told by more than one manager, that she can’t come during the one hour she wants to come, because we don’t have stock support during that time, and there are certain items that only our stock crew are allowed to handle due to weight. She ends up showing up during this time anyway, with her husband in tow, thinking that it is okay since she brought him to help. I explain to her, AGAIN, the reasons we need to have our stock associates load her purchase, and she just stares at me blankly while shaking her head. At this point, I am more annoyed than anything, and I decide to just help my solo stock associate load the items, breaking company policy.)

    Customer: “First you tell me that there aren’t enough people to load my purchase, and then you decide to load my items anyway. Clearly there are enough people; you just didn’t want to help.”

    Customer’s Husband: *to his wife* “Go sit in the car. You don’t even work, you don’t understand how companies operate, and you have no idea what you’re talking about. These gentlemen are just trying to help you, and you are doing everything you can to be upset, no matter what they do.”

    (After a moment’s silence, the customer walked off through the alleyway and down the street, hopefully never to be seen again.)

    Not Booked For Stealing

    | NY, USA | Bad Behavior, Criminal/Illegal

    (In the store where I work, to prevent theft, a security alarm at the doors will go off if your items have not been scanned. At the same time, we’re never allowed to accuse someone of stealing. A woman walks through the doors to leave and the alarm sounds off and she comes to a halt, so I approach her.)

    Me: “Hi, ma’am. Sorry about that. Do you want me to go re-scan those to make sure the alarm won’t sound off when you walk out again?”

    Customer: “Oh, I think these might have accidentally fallen into my pockets. I’m sorry…”

    (She then pulled out two books from her coat pockets, handed them to me, turned, and walked out, leaving my coworker and me very confused.)

    Assumptions Are The Devil

    | MO, USA | Bad Behavior, Religion, Theme Of The Month

    (I work in a sandwich shop. I’m working the front counter and taking an order from a couple in their 60s or 70s.)

    Customer: “What’s that you’re wearing?” *she points to my the Egyptian ankh I wear as a necklace*

    Me: “It’s an ankh. It’s an Egyptian symbol of life.”

    (Customer talks quietly to her husband for a moment then turns back to me.)

    Customer: “Do you think it gives you special powers?”

    Me: “No, I just like the symbol and life.”

    (Customer confers with her husband again then asks, deadly serious.)

    Customer: “So, do you worship the devil?”

    Me: “No. I also don’t insult people just because I don’t understand them.”

    How To Fell His Yell

    | QLD, Australia | Bad Behavior, Crazy Requests

    (I work for a large national mobile company. Road works cut our fibre cable and the network goes down. One gentleman keeps coming in and terrorising my staff.)

    Customer: “You broke the network. I demand to be back up and running, now.”

    Me: “Sir, I understand the frustration. Unfortunately we all have to wait until the cable is fixed; there isn’t any way around it.”

    Customer: “Why did you cut the cable?”

    Me: “Sir, I didn’t cut the cable. The road workers did.”

    Customer: *all red faced and angry* “All you people are the same, useless! Why don’t you go out there and help them?!”

    Me: *fed up* “Because then there wouldn’t be anyone here for you to yell at.”

    Put Yourself In Her Shoes

    | Wales, UK | Bad Behavior

    (I am clearing some shelves of wine that have been on promotion, since the promotion is ending and a new one starting the next day. I am unable to park my trolley nearby due to space and am having to carry bottles to the nearest aisle. As this conversation takes place, I am holding five bottles of wine.)

    Customer: “Excuse me?”

    Me: “Hi there. If you could bear with me just one second while I put these down and I’ll be right with you.”

    (She says nothing so I start to walk to the trolley, only a few yards away. But…)

    Customer: *grabbing my arm and tugging, hard* “Hey! Why aren’t you helping me?”

    (I drop all five bottles, four of which smash and splash all over the customer’s white, expensive looking shoes.)

    Customer: “Look what you did, you stupid b****! You’re gonna have to pay for these!”

    (She reached down and removed her shoes, despite my protests, so she was standing barefoot in a puddle of glass-filled wine. She was still shouting at me about how much her shoes cost and how I was going to have to pay for them or she would have me arrested when the manager arrived. Having seen the whole thing on the cameras, he made her pay for the broken bottles, helped me clean up, and gave me the afternoon off.)