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    Category: Bad Behavior

    Very Slow To Register

    | NY, USA | At The Checkout, Bad Behavior, Time

    (I’m heading to the only open checkout lane of a supermarket. A man in his mid-thirties, visibly in a rush and carrying only a single carton of milk, gets there only a moment after a little old lady carrying a basket with only two items in it.)

    Old Lady: “Don’t worry, young man. I’ll be done very quickly.”

    Man: *fidgeting* “No problem. Take your time.”

    (The cashier rings up both items. The old lady whips out a coupon.)

    Cashier: “I’m sorry, but this coupon is for a different brand of this item.”

    Lady: “Oh, dear. Can you send somebody to switch it out for me?”

    (It’s a few minutes before a stock-boy shows up with the correct brand. The man is getting more and more antsy and frustrated as he watches the cashier void the previous item and ring up the new one.)

    Cashier: “That’ll be [new total].”

    Old Lady: “Oh, dear. I almost forgot. I have another coupon here.”

    (It’s a manufacturer’s coupon. It doesn’t go through and takes a manager to come and help the cashier ring it in. By now the man’s face is turning red and he’s practically gnawing on his wallet out of frustration from waiting.)

    Cashier: “I’m so sorry, sir. We’re almost done.”

    Man: “Yep, no problem.”

    Cashier: *to old lady* “Okay, the total is [newest total].”

    Old Lady: *looking through her purse* “Oh, dear…” (A moment later she produces a checkbook.)

    Old Lady: “Who do I make it out to?”

    Man: *screaming* “God d*** it!”

    (With that, he hurls the carton of milk at a wall, where it explodes and sends milk cascading all over the wall and the front of the store.  The man storms out leaving a stream of profanity in his wake. We all watch this in stunned silence. A few moments later the old lady pulls her hand out of her pocket.)

    Old Lady: “Oh, never mind. Here’s a $5 bill. Had it all along! Silly me…”

    A Text In The Wrong Direction

    | Anaheim, CA, USA | Bad Behavior, Technology, Theme Of The Month

    Customer: “Could you tell me how to get to [attraction in another area of the park]?”

    Me: *gives detailed directions to the attraction*

    Customer: “I’m sorry. I got a text while you were talking. Could you repeat that?”

    The Sad (Pro)State Of Service

    | Adelaide, Australia | Bad Behavior, Food & Drink, Health & Body, Spouses & Partners

    (I work as a waitress in a small and very busy beach side cafe which attracts a somewhat pretentious crowd.)

    New Colleague: “I’m not sure what that man at table one wanted. He was mumbling a lot.”

    Me: “Oh, don’t worry. I’ll ask.”

    Customer: “Oi, you! Can I get the bill?!” *does ticking bill sign in air*

    Me: “When you’re ready, sir, just come to the front and we can sort it out up there.”

    Customer: “Yeah, I know that but I want the bill here.”

    Me: *grits teeth* “… Sure.”

    (I bring the customer his bill. The customer’s wife waves me aside as her husband exits with a weird waddle in his step.)

    Wife: “Don’t worry, dear. No man is pleasant to be around after a prostate exam.”

    Girl Scout Tout

    | USA | Bad Behavior, Food & Drink, Money

    (As a Girl Scout, we have no control over the price of Girl Scout cookies. They have gone up to $4 for around two years now.)

    Me: “Would you like to buy any Girl Scout cookies?”

    Lady: “Yes, I love Girl Scout cookies! How much are they?”

    Me: “They are $4 a box, ma’am.”


    Me: “Ma’am, they have been $4 now for around two years. That is the price and we have no control over it.”

    Lady: “You are just trying to make some extra cash! My daughter used to charge 50 cents extra all the time! Now give me the real price!”

    Me: “That was against the rules, and we have never done that! If you refuse to pay the full price, we cannot sell cookies to you!”

    Lady: “FINE! Do you take checks?”

    Me: “Yes, ma’am, we do! What would you like?”

    Lady: “I want two boxes of cookies! NOW!”

    Me: “Yes, ma’am. That will be $8.”

    (She gives us a check, takes the cookies, and walks away. As I look at the check I notice it is only for $7! I run after the lady.)

    Me: “Excuse me! We need another dollar!”

    Lady: “F*** you! You are just cheating me!”

    (She backs up in her car, almost hits me, and throws a dollar out the window! Then she races out of the parking lot!)

    Bad Parenting Just Hit The Motherlode

    | St. Louis, MO, USA | Bad Behavior, Family & Kids

    (I am 16 years old and working at a local grocery store, collecting carts outside. I notice an man standing next to a van with its door wide open and two young girls inside. The man informs me that one of the girls is having a nosebleed, and I notice a puddle of blood on the ground.)

    Me: “Little girl, who are you here with?”

    Little Girl: “My mommy is in the store, but she leaves us in the car.”

    Me: “I’m going to go inside and look for her. What’s her name?”

    Little Girl: “Mommy.”

    Me: “Okay, uh, what’s your last name?”

    (The girl tells me and I go inside while a coworker goes out to watch the girls. I explain to another coworker at customer service what is going on and she pages the mother.)

    Coworker: *over the intercom* “Mrs. [Name], please report to the service desk.”

    (We wait for five minutes and no one shows up. My coworker pages again. Five more minutes pass and still nothing. The mother is paged a third time. 20 minutes after that, a HALF HOUR after the first page, a woman uses the self-checkout and then comes up to the desk asking what they want. They inform her of the situation.)

    Woman: “That little brat better have not bled on the car. She knows she’s supposed to lean out the window.”

    Me: *after a pause in utter disbelief* “Ma’am, you continued shopping while your child could be in need of medical attention?!

    Woman: “She does this all the time, but I know it’s just for attention. I’m not gonna miss a sale because of that.”

    (She left with my coworker and me staring at each other, open-mouthed with shock. I looked out the front window to see the man who originally noticed the girls yelling at her. Going outside to make sure there wasn’t a fight, we heard him yelling about protective services and writing down her license plate number as the woman jumped into her car and sped away.)

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