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More Money, More Problems

| Warwick, RI, USA | Bad Behavior

(It is a very busy day, and our small restaurant is crawling with customers. One woman comes in wearing very “fancy” clothing. This is the interaction that followed.)

Woman: “I’ll have a small latte and two cheeseburgers, right now!”

Me: “I’d be happy to serve you, but as you can see we’re very busy right now.”

Woman: “Make it snappy!”

Me: “Okay, ma’am, I’ll try.”

(Not even one minute later, and this happens.)

Woman: “I demand to be served right now!”

Me: “One moment, please.”

Woman: “Do you have any idea who I am?! I can buy and sell you! Do you see my clothes?! I’m f****** rich!”

Me: “With all due respect, ma’am, I have a job to do. Could you please sit down in that room over there, so as to not irritate the other customers?”

Woman: “What did you say!? Did you just tell me to s*** in that room!? Are you implying I’m mad because I haven’t gone to the bathroom!? That is disgusting!”

(At this point my boss has come out to watch, and has been secretly observing the woman for the minute or so. He decides to come out of the shadows and help me out.)

Boss: “Ma’am, you’re disgusting! You think because you have more money than some people, that you are entitled to service before other people, and said that you can buy and sell my employee. I’m going to ask that you get out of my store right now!”

Woman: “Well, I never! I’m not coming here ever again!”

Me & Boss: “Okay, thanks!”

Unfair Daycare

, | Richmond, VA, USA | Bad Behavior, Family & Kids

(I work at a gym daycare. We have a very strict policy that we cannot watch a child for more than three hours per day. Also, parents MUST be in the building while we are watching their children. A man (who was wearing no workout clothing) walks in with his two daughters.)

Customer: “Hi, this is my first time dropping my kids off here. Do I need to sign anything?”

Me: “Yes, sir, just sign here!”

(I hand him a “first time” liability waiver and he glances over it.)

Customer: “Three hours? That’s it?”

Me: “Uh, yes, sir… we aren’t allowed to watch children for more than three hours per day.”

Customer: “Well, all right, I guess.” *signs waiver*

Me: “Okay, you’re all set; have a good workout, sir!”

(He walks out. Our gym is quite large so I assumed he brought workout clothes and planned on changing. Three hours go by and he’s yet to pick up his daughters. After multiple announcements over the PA system I decide to investigate. Turns out he’s nowhere to be found in the entire gym. The gym manager pulls up his contact information and calls him.)

Customer: “Hello?”

Manager: “Hi, is this Mr. [Customer]?”

Customer: “Yes.”

Manager: “This is [Gym] and we have your daughters… It’s been well over three hours and you aren’t allowed to leave the building if your children are in daycare.”

Customer: “But… I’m at work right now. I don’t get off for another five hours. You’re going to have to watch them until I’m off work.”

Manager: “Sir, we are not a daycare. We are a fitness club. We can only watch your children if you’re in the building working out.”

Customer: “Then why do you call it a daycare?! I can’t just leave work right now!”

Manager: “Sir, if you don’t come get your children we will have no choice but to call the police.”

Customer: “What? You can’t do that! I signed a form saying I could keep my children there!”

Manager: “That’s correct; the form you signed specifically mentions that guardians are not allowed to leave the building or keep their children here for more than three hours.”

Customer: “All right, fine!”

(He hung up. Twenty minutes later he came and picked up his daughters. My manager informed him that he was no longer allowed to keep his children in our care, and he subsequently cancelled his gym membership.)

Add A Pinch Of Bad Behavior

| NY, USA | Bad Behavior

(I am working at a bookstore with one other person on shift. We have a cigar corner that is locked for legal reasons. My coworker is on the sales floor helping a customer. I am behind the counter ringing through a sale. A man comes up and stands in front of the cigar room door, talking on his cell phone. I can hear my coworker talking to her customer and then suddenly is interrupted by the man on his phone. I look over and he’s waving and pointing at the cigar room, still on his phone.)

Coworker: *comes up to me, my customer has left* “Yeah, can you push the buzzer to let him in?”

Me: “Sure.” *pushes the buzzer*

Coworker: “Did you see that? He PINCHED me to get my attention!”

Overly Loud Trash Talking

| Chicago, IL, USA | Bad Behavior, Food & Drink

(It’s my girlfriend’s 21st birthday, so to celebrate I’ve taken her to a very expensive dinner. Part way into our meal two women who are very obviously drunk are seated next to us. The meal has ten courses, each with its own alcoholic accompaniment, and despite complaints from other customers about how loud and obnoxious the women have been the wait-staff are not allowed to stop serving them.)

Me: *to our server* “Is there any way you could at least water down their drinks? I can’t even hear [Girlfriend] from across the table!”

Server: “I’m really sorry; we aren’t allowed to say anything. I’ve already apologized to the other guests. Since you’re a guest you can say something if you want.”

(15 minutes later, after the women have finished bickering loudly about one of their exes and throwing their unfinished plates to the end of the table one of their cell phones goes off.)



Drunk Woman #2: “Trash? Did she just call me trash?!”

(A manager rushes over to their table:)

Manager: “Ladies I’m sorry, but since you have done nothing but cause a disturbance since you arrived I’m going to have to ask you to leave.”

Drunk Woman #1: “We didn’t cause a disturbance. That fat b**** over there yelled at us for no reason! My father is going to deal with you!”

Manager: “Unfortunately, you need to leave.”


(After they left the manager came over and offered us both a complimentary cocktail and a thank you!)

Don’t Be Too Over-Beer-ing

| Helena, MT, USA | Bad Behavior, Food & Drink

(It’s a cold night, and the bar is pretty empty as people have been advised to stay inside. One customer is at the bar, and it appears he’s been there for some time.)

Customer: “I’ll take a scotch, a beer, and a shot of gin!”

Bartender: “Um… how about we just start with the beer?”

Customer: “How about you start to shut up?”

Bartender: “If you can’t act straight, you ain’t gettin’ served.”

Customer: “Start with the beer.”

Bartender: “Okay, thank you, sir.”