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    Their Welfare Status Is Okie Dokie

    | New Zealand | Bad Behavior, Crazy Requests, Criminal/Illegal, Money

    (I am a dental assistant at a dental surgery and move between answering phones and assisting the dentist. We have irate patients regularly, who get treatment done and then claim they weren’t told how much it was and refuse to pay, or try to get refunds on treatment already received, or try to get money refunded that was paid for by the government. This particular patient was the latter case. I have come up with a useful way to deal with these stressful phone calls.)

    Me: “Good morning, [Dental Clinic]!”

    Patient: “It’s [Patient]. You guys told me I’d be getting my money refunded for my dental care! I want my money back and you haven’t put it in my f****** account!”

    Me: “Just give me a minute sir, while I bring up your file and have a look… Oh, I see. Yes, the money for your dental care was being refunded, but since your care was paid for by [Welfare], the money will be refunded to them.”

    Patient: *suddenly polite* “Oh, no, no. [Welfare] told me that you can give it to me and then I’ll give it to them. No problem!”

    Me: “I highly doubt [Welfare] would have told you that, sir. We deal with [Welfare] directly, and will refund the money straight back into their account.”

    Patient: “THAT’S MY F******* MONEY! You mother-f***** con-artists better give me that money! I DESERVE THAT MONEY!”

    Me: “No need to swear, sir. There is really nothing more to discuss.”


    Me: “Okie dokie. That won’t be happening, sir.”


    Me: “Okie dokie, sir.”


    Me: “Okie dokie, sir.”

    Patient: “F*** YOUR ‘OKIE DOKIE!’ GO TO H***!”

    Me: “Okie dokie, sir. I’m hanging up now. Have a nice day.”


    Me: “Okie dokie, sir. Goodbye.”

    Patient: “I SAID F*** YOUR OKIE DO—” *click*

    Moms Of Gall Street

    | New Zealand | Bad Behavior, Criminal/Illegal, Family & Kids, Movies & TV

    (I am a cinema attendant at a movie theatre. A woman and her clearly young teenaged kids approach me and hand over tickets for Wolf of Wall Street.)

    Me: *looking at the two young kids* “Um, boys, do you have any ID?”

    Woman: “Why do they need ID?”

    Me: “Because it is an R18 restricted film, and they look far under age. Legally we have to ask.”

    Woman: “I’m their mother, so it doesn’t matter. I give them permission to see this.”

    Me: “Well, no, I can’t actually allow them to enter, ma’am. It’s law that unless they are over 18, with valid ID, they can’t actually go into the movie, parental consent or not.”

    Woman: “Oh, my God, are you kidding me? I’m their mother, and I say they are over 18!”

    Me: *not convinced* “I still need valid ID.”

    Woman: “They are over 18. Don’t you believe their d*** mother?”

    Me: *facing the kids again, as the woman is getting agitated* “Boys, what are your birthdates?”

    (Both boys struggle for a while to remember when they are born, one answering at being 16 years old and the other at 23, most obviously NOT being 23.)

    Me: “I’m sorry; I can’t let you into the movie, boys. You’re not 18, and it’s a pretty hard restriction.”

    Woman: “I paid for these tickets, so you will let us into the movie theatre! They let us buy them downstairs without this bull-s***!”

    Me: “These are pink Kiosk tickets from the machine. The machine clearly states the restriction, with a warning that you will be checked for ID upstairs. You can return downstairs to swap them for another movie.”

    Woman: “I don’t want to f***ing swap to another movie! We want to watch this one!”

    (At this point I’m about to use my walkie to contact my manager and let them know to come up to sort out the customer, when the another customer interjects.)

    Customer: “Lady, I don’t know how this girl talked to you without throwing you out on your a**. What kind of a mother are you, letting your young boys in to watch a movie about sex, drugs, hookers and h*** knows what else?! Take your tickets, go watch something else, or just plain p*** off!”

    (The woman was stunned for a while, before taking off to get her tickets changed. I called to the desk to let them know she was coming and what had happened. She tried to get a full refund and free tickets for the ‘terrible service and inconvenience.’ She was refused.)

    Don’t Earn Enough Dough To Deal With This Dough

    | VA, USA | Bad Behavior, Family & Kids

    (I work in a grocery store, and overall I love it! But I’ve watched the same mother do this multiple times. She has a kid who is almost a teenager, and always walks by the pizza dough, then plays with it like it is a basketball. She picks it up throwing it around, and spins it. She looked at her kid, and then me.)

    Mother: “Oh, kids, I’m glad we are giving you something to do since you are getting paid.” *walks away*

    Every Day The Same Old Storytime

    | NC, USA | Bad Behavior, Books & Reading, Family & Kids

    (I’m the manager of a small public library. Every Saturday morning, we hold a program for infants and young toddlers where our children’s librarian leads everyone in simple songs and nursery rhymes, then reads a very simple book. The babies are so engaged that they rarely cry, and they usually laugh, which even I think is the most adorable thing in the world. My coworker (who is a pro) and I are working the circulation desk when this happens. A woman storms up to my coworker as the program is beginning.)

    Woman: *clearly annoyed, waving at the babies and parents* “How long is this going to be going on?”

    Coworker: “Story time lasts about 30 minutes.”

    Woman: *sputters* “How often do you do this?”

    Coworker: “Every Saturday at 11 am.”

    Woman: “Well, you should really post a sign about it! In bold type!”

    (Note: There is such a sign, literally in bold type, 80 pt. font, four feet to her right on our “Events” bulletin board. There are two other copies of the same sign elsewhere in the building, in addition to the program being advertised on our website and the local paper’s events calendar. My coworker is naturally polite, though, and just stares at her as she stalks off.  She sits back down at the computer where she’s been working and huffs loudly for several minutes while the children’s librarian and parents sing “Jack Be Nimble” and “The Grand Old Duke of York.” Two minutes later, she’s back in front of my coworker.)

    Woman: “They’re not even reading stories! They’re singing!”

    (The group is currently singing ‘Row, Row, Row Your Boat.’)

    Coworker: “Yes…”

    Woman: “Singing!”

    Coworker: “Yes…”

    Woman: “You let BABIES in the library? BABIES!”

    Coworker: “Yes.”

    (She threw her hands up in the air, made a sound of disbelief, and stomped off again. She was lucky she got my incredibly chill coworker and not me, who would have pointed out the sign beside her and tried to give her a lecture about the importance of helping children get an early start in developing pre-literacy skills like syllable recognition.)

    Got To Give Him Credit For Persistence

    , | Beltsville, MD, USA | Bad Behavior, Crazy Requests, Money

    (I work for an online retail store. Our website charges customer’s credit cards automatically when they place their order, and we often have to handle refunds for a variety of reasons. One customer decides we are taking too long to ship his order and demands we refund his card.)

    Customer: “I’ve been asking for a refund for weeks and you promised me it was done last Friday!”

    Me: “Sir, you cancelled your order last Thursday and the refund was put through on Friday.”

    Customer: “I don’t see anything on my credit card yet!”

    Me: “Sir, this is Monday. Transactions can take five to seven business days to process by the card issuer. I can provide you with the transaction ID number and you can talk to them, but as far as we’re concerned the refund is complete.”

    (Customer is given the information and rudely hangs up. About one hour later, he calls back, even more furious.)

    Customer: “I want to talk to your manager! You lied to me!”

    Me: “Sir, please calm down. What seems to be the problem?”

    Customer: “You gave me a bogus number! My credit card company says that number is useless and they haven’t seen anything. You’re probably scammers and I’m going to report you to the BBB!”

    Me: “Sir, I assure you the transaction was put through. Please just give it five to seven—”

    Customer *interrupting* “That’s bull****! I asked them and they assured me that all transactions were immediate! I’m going to file a chargeback against you and report you!”

    Me: “I’m not sure who told you that, sir, but that is how long it can take. If you wish to file a chargeback you are free to do so, but understand that this may lock the funds up even longer while they investigate your claim.”

    (Customer curses us out and hangs up. About 30 minutes later, he calls back, calmer but with an attitude.)

    Customer: “I want you to stay on the line. I’m putting this through on a three-way with my bank.”

    Me: “Certainly, sir. I’ll stay on the line with you.”

    Bank Teller: “This is [Major Credit Card]. How can I help you?”

    (Customer proceeds to go on a rant about how we took his money and how he wants to take legal action to regain the funds.)

    Bank Teller: “Okay, so you want to check on a chargeback claim. What is the case number?”

    Customer: “No, I don’t have a case number yet. I just want them to refund their money?”

    Me: *to Bank Teller* “Ma’am, we have already performed the refund. I see the transaction in our processing statements and have an ID number.”

    Bank Teller: “Wait, so this is a credit card refund?”

    Me: “Yes, ma’am.”

    Bank Teller: *to Customer* “Sir, if they’ve already refunded the card, you should see the transaction in five to seven business days.”

    Customer: “WHAT?! That’s not what they told me when I last called in! That’s bull-s***!”

    Bank Teller: *sternly to Customer* “Sir, please do not use foul language. That is how long it takes to process the refund on our end.”

    Customer: *much quieter* *sighs* “I see.”

    Bank Teller: *in a serious voice* “Is there anything else I can help you with?”

    Me: “No, ma’am. Thank you.”

    Customer: *quietly* “No.”

    (Bank Teller hangs up.)

    Me: “Sir, is there anything else I can do for you?”

    Customer: *unhappy but quiet* “No. I guess I’ll wait.”

    Me: “Certainly, sir. You have a nice day.”

    (Customer hung up without a word.)

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