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    No Kidding About The Kid, Part 2

    | NY, USA | Bad Behavior, Criminal/Illegal, Family & Kids, Top, Transportation

    (The store I work at is on a busy street with a lot of bars and very little available parking, so a lot of non-customers will illegally park in our lot despite the numerous signs. A tow company comes by on the busier evenings and take the cars of those not in the store to their lot. I often have to handle irate people who are angry about their car being towed and the release charges. At about 11:30 pm, a woman stumbles into the store, obviously inebriated, and demands to know where her car is.)

    Me: “I’m sorry, ma’am, but if you were not in our store while your car was parked in our lot it was most likely towed.”

    Her: “Are you f****** kidding me? I was only gone two hours… What gives you the right to take my car?!”

    Me: “Well, per our signs in the lot, you cannot park there unless you are patronizing our store. It was a tow company that took your car.”

    Her: “This is bullshit! You crooks took my car and I bet my iPad will be missing from it, too!”

    Me: “I doubt that, but here is the number of the tow company for you to call.”

    Her: “Ugh, my kids are probably still in there, too!”

    Me: *praying I’ve misheard her* “Excuse me, did you say YOUR KIDS?!”

    Her: “Yeah. God d*** it; this is f****** unbelievable!”

    Me: “Sure is… Tell you what; I’ll call the company for you because you seem a little upset.”

    Her: “Yeah, DO THAT. It’s your job!”

    (I called the tow company to ask if they’d found her kids. They had, recently, and had them warming up in the office. It is late February.)

    Me: “Hey… can you write down your name and plate number in case your, um, iPad is missing?”

    Her: “D*** right! You’ll hear from my lawyer if it isn’t!”

    (As soon as she left in a cab, I called the police and explained the situation. They met her at the tow lot and arrested her.)

    No Kidding About The Kid

    Bigotry Is Not On The Menu

    | New Orleans, LA, USA | Bad Behavior, Bigotry, Food & Drink, Top

    (A few years ago I was working as a hostess in a restaurant. One night, two men come in and ask for a table. I lead them to an available one.)

    Older Man: “We can’t sit at this table.”

    Me: “I’m sorry. Is there something wrong?”

    Older Man: “We just can’t sit here; move us somewhere else.”

    (I’m confused, as the table I was seating them at was actually our most popular one. I start walking toward a manager to ask where I should move them, when the two young, clean, nicely-dressed men at the next table happen to get up to leave.)

    Older Man: “It’s okay! We can sit here now!”

    (I realize this guy assumed the two young men were gay, and could apparently not eat in their vicinity. I relate what happened to my (gay) manager and the (straight) server.)

    Manager: “[Server], you’re only allowed to talk to these guys as if you’re the gayest person on this planet.”

    (I will never forget the look of horror on the men’s faces when the server, a huge, beefy black man, started telling them the specials while sounding like a drag queen.)

    Don’t Fret Over A Cigarette

    | Columbus, OH, USA | Bad Behavior, Criminal/Illegal

    (I work security at an arena that hosts professional hockey games. Often, during intermissions, patrons try to smoke cigarettes inside the stairwells instead of the outdoor smoking areas, which is against state law.)

    Me: “Hey, you can’t smoke in here.”

    Patron: “It’s okay, man. It’s not a cigarette.”

    Me: “Sorry man, no e-cigarettes inside either. They look too much like regular cigarettes, and people complain.”

    Patron: “Come on, man. It’s not a cigarette.”

    (As I am walking over to him, a distinctive smell hits my nose.)

    Me: “Is… is that pot?”

    (I told him that I would escort him to the outdoor smoking area, but I led him to the cops and explained the situation. As I walked away, I kept hearing him repeat, ‘but it’s not a cigarette!’)

    The Breast Awareness, Part 2

    | SA, Australia | At The Checkout, Bad Behavior, Family & Kids, Rude & Risque

    (I work in the store my parents own, when my father, who works at a hardware store up the road, comes in for lunch like he usually does. He proceeds to match stories with me about what we call ‘Thickhead Thursday’ customers. He tells me about a particularly rude man who abused all the assistants in his hardware store. No more than five minutes after, said customer walks into our store.)

    Customer: *looks at dad* “OH, GOD!”

    Me: “Hello, sir. How can I help you?”

    Customer: *still looking at my father* “I bought this watch band and I need a new crimp clip for it.”

    Me: “Sorry, sir. We don’t keep them, but I can give you the maker’s details and you can contact him. He lives here in town.”

    (The customer finally looks at me and notices I have decent sized breasts. His eyes do not move from them for the rest of the conversation.)

    Customer: “Thank you for your help. You’re a lovely girl.”

    (He leaves.)

    Dad: “Shame, I wanted him to have a go at you.  I wanted to tell him to f*** off. Why didn’t he?”

    Me: “I have breasts.”

    The Breast Awareness

    My Father The Zero

    | USA | Bad Behavior, Family & Kids, Food & Drink

    (I only see my dad once a year, as he lives out of state. We are out to eat with my step-mom and her kids. We order food and everything turns out perfect. My dad is always trying to get a free meal. He is quite large and is a very scary looking man.)

    Waiter: “How is everything?”

    Dad: “Well, our food came too quick! We could not even enjoy ourselves, the grits didn’t taste like they normally do, and I’m sure my family had something wrong with their dishes, too.”

    (Right on cue, the rest of my dad’s family started to make stuff up about what was wrong with their dishes.)

    Dad: “[My Name], how was your food?”

    Me: “It was perfect!”

    (The waiter, who looks over-stressed, smiles at me in thanks.)

    Waiter: “Well, I will call my manager over and tell him.”

    (The manager comes back.)

    Manager: “I am sorry, sir, I can only offer you 15% off of your order, as you have done this before.”

    (My dad then starts slamming his fists on the table and screaming about how he was in the army and how he should get his meal free, then screams at the waiter and calls him names.)

    Waiter: *starts crying*

    Dad: “Oh, look at the cry baby! Be a real man!”

    Me: “Dad, shut the h*** up! For one, you were not in the army, you were in the navy, which you got kicked out of! Plus you even said the food was great!”

    (My dad got mad at me, but he bullied the manager into getting his meal for free. I gave the waiter a ten dollar tip to tell him I was sorry. I saw how much of a bully my dad really is, and now I barely talk to him.)

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