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    Coupon And On And On, Part 2

    | Boston, MA, USA | At The Checkout, Awesome Customers, Awesome Workers

    (I am waiting in line for a register. This particular store only has one register that technically is not self-serve. I need to use it because I am paying with my student ID. A woman in front of me is being rung up by the cashier, an older, nice-looking woman who seems a little uncertain throughout the transaction.)

    Customer: “No, no! This is wrong! See, I have this coupon and it takes this much off the order, not that much!”

    Cashier: “Um, okay, let me fix that for you then.”

    (This customer has an entire envelope filled with coupons. I am feeling pretty sure by this point that this woman has calculated everything down to the last cent and is refusing to accept anything else. I end up standing second in line for over twenty minutes.)

    Other Cashier: *to me* “You can use this self-serve over here if you’re ready.”

    Me: “Oh, no thanks. I’m paying with my student ID so I need to be in this line. I’m not in a hurry anyway.”

    Cashier: *looks at me apologetically*

    (After the manager has finally had to show up because the customer apparently thinks that she’s been charged for one extra bottle of lotion than she bought – I’m not entirely sure what was happening at this point anyway – the woman finally leaves and the cashier breathes out a sigh of relief. I quickly grab a Snickers bar before I walk up to the counter.)

    Cashier: *to me, looking frazzled* “I’m so sorry about the wait. It’s my first day and I’m still figuring things out.”

    Me: “That’s okay; we’ve all been there.”

    (She rings me up with no problem and just a moment of being shown how to process my student ID by the manager. She bags all my things and I quickly reach in to grab the candy and put it back on the counter.)

    Me: “Thank you. Here, this is for you!”

    Cashier: “Really?”

    Me: “Yup!”

    Cashier: “Wow, thank you! Have a great night!”

    Me: “You, too!”

    (I really do hope her night got better! First days are hard enough as it is.)

    Coupon And On And On

    New Sales Announced On Wikileaks

    | Norway | At The Checkout, Awesome Customers, Awesome Workers

    (A customer is looking at a particular item, and wants to know the price.)

    Me: “That’s 99 kroner.”

    Customer: “Oh, that’s a bit pricey I think..”

    Me: “It’s a secret but I’ll tell you. This item is coming on half price on Monday, you could come back and make a good deal on it.”

    (The customer starts looking around and acting like I just told her a national secret wondering if anybody else heard it.)

    Customer: “Okay, thank you! WHOOPS!” *whispers* “T-thank you!”

    (She ran out before I could say anything else.)

    Caller Bit Off More Than He Could Chew

    | Australia | Awesome Workers, Rude & Risque

    (I work in a medical research institute, and the colleague sitting next to me handles recruitment for a large trial, so her name and phone number are on all the promotional material we hand out. She has a beautiful phone manner and I’ve never heard her say a harsh word to anyone. The phone rings.)

    Colleague: “[Discipline] Research Centre, this is [Colleague]. How may I help you?”


    Colleague: *sweetly* “Well, sir, if you shoved you big throbbing c*** in my mouth, I’d bite it off. Will that be all?”

    A Very Scrambled Shortbus

    | IL, USA | Awesome Workers, Bizarre, Food & Drink

    (I’m the a**-hole in this story. After drinking far too much, a bunch of buddies and I go to this breakfast place. I don’t really want to go, but my buddies insist, so I am barely awake when the waitress comes up to us.)

    Waitress: “All right, fellas, what can I get for you?”

    (My friends order, then she gets to me.)

    Waitress: “And for you?”

    Me: “Hmm?”

    Waitress: “Food? Mouth? Yours. You know. Restaurant stuff.”

    Me: “Oh! Right, sorry. Eggs and bacon, please.”

    Waitress: “How you want those eggs, hon?”

    Me: “Orange juice.”

    Waitress: “Oh… ‘shortbus.’ Your name’s ‘shortbus’ now. I’ll be back with your Orange Juice Eggs.”

    Me: “Oh, god! No! Scrambled! I meant scrambled!”

    Interruption Is Its Own Reward

    | Orlando, FL, USA | At The Checkout, Awesome Workers

    (One of my biggest pet peeves is when customers are on their phones during checkout. So much so, sometimes I don’t even bother asking for their rewards cards.)

    Customer: *on the phone and as the receipt is printing out* “What about my rewards card?”

    Me: *being passive aggressive, but still being nice* “I’m sorry; I didn’t want to interrupt you.”

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