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    Category: Awesome Workers

    Trust Is A Two-Way Street

    | Aldergrove, BC, Canada | At The Checkout, Awesome Workers

    (An elderly woman comes through my till and is writing a cheque to pay for her order, but is having difficulties with her shaky hands. I offer to write it for her.)

    Me: “All right, so the total was $62.83. If you would like to check it over yourself and sign it for me, please?”

    (She goes to take the cheque from me when a younger woman behind it snatches it from my hands and starts triple-checking the amount on the cheque and the computer screen, before handing it to the elderly woman to sign.)

    Young Woman: *snottily* “You just can’t trust some people.”

    Me: “Fair enough…” *to the elderly woman* “Here’s your receipt; see you next week!”

    (I quickly run the younger woman through, who says nothing the entire time. At the end of the transaction she hands me a $100 dollar bill. I hold it up to the light and start checking all of the security features, the younger woman glaring the entire time.)

    Me: “Like you said, you just can’t trust some people.”

    Must Be Super Baked

    | USA | Awesome Workers, Bizarre, Food & Drink

    (Our bakery is designed so that customers can see me working. There are large signs proclaiming BAKERY right above the employee door. One day I am bent over doing some intricate detail work on a trim. I am clearly wearing our uniform and appropriate apron.)

    Customer: “Do you work in the bakery?”

    (I don’t immediately respond, thinking they were addressing my coworker who is right there out on the sales floor.)

    Customer: “Excuse me! Do you work in the bakery?”

    Me: *look up with a slightly incredulous look on my face* “Yes. What can I help you with?”

    (The customer asks a question which I cheerfully answer and they leave. I immediately start laughing. My coworker gives me an inquisitive look.)

    Me: “I don’t know why I keep getting that question. Next time I’m going to panic and say ‘OH, GAWD, I’M SLEEP-DECORATING AGAIN! How did I get here?!'”

    (We laughed and shook our heads and continued working in our bakery, which we then dubbed ‘The Fakery.’)

    The Signs Of Change

    | Omaha, NE, USA | At The Checkout, Awesome Workers, Language & Words

    Me: “Paper or plastic?”

    Customer: “Paper.” *after some consideration* “No, plastic.”

    (My bagger obviously doesn’t catch the change, and continues bagging in paper.)

    Customer: “Excuse me!” *snaps her fingers in front of the bagger’s face* “Weren’t you listening? I want plastic! Not paper! You should be paying attention!”

    (My bagger, startled, gives her a confused look and starts signing something, indicating that he’s deaf. The woman goes extremely pale.)

    Customer: “Uh, thank you. Goodbye.” *she grabs her bags, still paper, and rushes out of the store*

    (My bagger then slides me a note that says:)

    Note: “What I said to that woman was so rude.”

    I Hail From Unenthusia

    | Sydney, NSW, Australia | Awesome Workers, Language & Words

    (I witness the end of this conversation between a customer and my coworker. The customer sometimes comes in drinking alcohol, and my coworker is usually very sweet and polite.)

    Customer: “What’s your accent?”

    Coworker: “Sorry?”

    Customer: “Where’s your accent from?”

    Coworker: “…I’m from here. Australian.”

    Customer: “Oh… You sound more American or something…”

    (The customer finishes his transaction and leaves.)

    Coworker: “More like my accent was unenthusiasm…”

    The Route Of Shared Pain

    | USA | Awesome Customers, Awesome Workers, Technology, Top

    (I work tech support in a call centre, which can involve long and draining days. I take a break and head down to the mall adjacent to us and am browsing some items in an electronic store. Many of the items are the same ones I provide technical support for. I approach an employee to ask a question about a sale they have on their wireless routers.)

    Me: “Hi, I wanted to ask about these wireless routers.”

    Employee: *suddenly looking scared* “…Yes?”

    Me: “I notice the sale is for the tri-band routers, but does it also apply to the quad-band?”

    Employee: *looking surprised* “Oh. Sorry, it’s just I’ve been asked very different kinds of questions today.”

    Me: “Let me guess. They’re surprised you have to plug them in because they should be ‘wireless?'”

    Employee: “Yes! How did you know?”

    Me: “I work tech support across the street. I had a call today asking why the ‘box of Internet’ had to talk to the clouds, and ‘why was the Internet all the way up there in the first place?'”

    Employee: “Can… can I give you a hug?”

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