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    Category: Awesome Customers

    A Hot Slice Of Kindness

    | Boston, MA, USA | Awesome Customers, Food & Drink

    (I am working at a pizza shop on a busy Friday night. There are about five customers waiting in line. I hand the first customer her slice, and move on.)

    Customer: “Excuse me, I don’t like the slice I ordered. I want a new one.”

    Me: “I’m sorry, ma’am; but I can’t just give you another slice.”

    Customer: “But I don’t want this one anymore! I demand to speak to who is in charge. How am I supposed to eat something I don’t like?!”

    (I ask my boss, and he tells me to give her a free slice to avoid an argument. I get the customer a new slice, and am finally able to take care of the other customers. An hour later, my coworker hands me a hot chocolate.)

    Coworker: “Here, this hot chocolate is for you.”

    Me: “Oh, thanks!”

    Coworker: “I didn’t get it; one of the customers who was in here before works at the coffee place. He saw you deal with that difficult customer, so he brought you the hot chocolate for free.”

    (This small act of kindness made my entire night brighter. The next time I see him, he will be getting a free slice of pizza!)

    Fancy Titles Are All Just Hot Air

    | Australia | At The Checkout, Awesome Customers

    (A customer comes up to my empty register. I have to put away some keys, so I am delayed slightly.)

    Me: “Sorry about the delay, sir.”

    Customer: “Don’t worry about it. You don’t have to call me sir. Why do people call me sir?”

    Me: “I don’t know. I guess it’s a sign of respect.”

    Customer: “Maybe, but it’s very American.”

    Me: “I suppose so, but what else would I call you?”

    (The customer ponders this for a while.)

    Customer: “What about, ‘old fart’?”

    Me: *laughing* “I don’t think I’d have a job if I called people that!”

    Customer: “I wouldn’t mind!”

    A Good Attitude About A Bad Attitude

    | WI, USA | At The Checkout, Awesome Customers, Money, Top

    (Our refund policy has a shorter timeframe than most people assume, and they usually don’t read their receipts. A customer walks in carrying a bag with one of our games; she’s on her cell phone.)

    Me: “How can I help you, ma’am?”

    Customer: “I just want to return this. I do not need to be spending $30 on a game right now.”

    (She continues her phone conversation.)

    Me: “Do you have your receipt with you?”

    Customer: “Yeah, it’s in the bag, honey.”

    Me: “Okay, let me just check it.”

    (I see that she’s a couple of days past the refund window.)

    Me: “All right, I can get you a store credit for this.”

    Customer: “What? You mean I can’t get my money back?”

    Me: “It says right here, ‘Last day for refund is [date]’.”

    (She is a little bit shocked, and continues talking on her cell phone.)

    Customer: “They say I can’t return it… I can only get a store credit! I just drove all this way for nothing!”

    (I prepare for her to start yelling at me.)

    Customer: “Oh, I can’t believe this. I need to go. Just put it back in the bag. I need to take my bad attitude out of here!”

    Me: “Um, sorry about that.”

    Customer: “Oh, it’s okay; it’s not you, honey!”

    (She grabs the bag and leaves quickly, still on her cell phone. I turn to my coworker.)

    Me: “I can’t believe she didn’t yell at me! She just recognized that she was upset and left. This has never happened before!”

    Yukon Feel The Heat

    | Whitehorse, YT, Canada | At The Checkout, Awesome Customers, Top

    (It’s in the middle of December, in the Yukon, which is famous for its minus 40 degree winters. Our store’s heaters have failed. My coworker is under-dressed in a thin long-sleeve shirt. I’m wearing a heavy sweater, but I still feel the cold. Despite the weather, we actually have a customer come inside. We temporarily ignore our shivering state to help her out.)

    Customer: “Hello, I’ll just take these for today.”

    Me: “Alright, did you need a bag for anything?”

    Customer: “Oh, no, I’m fine. You two look awfully cold.”

    Me: “We kind of are.”

    Coworker: “Our heaters aren’t working like they should be, so we’re kind of stuck.”

    Customer: “Oh, well just a second…”

    (We both wait as she rummages around in her purse. After a moment, she pulls out a packaged gel pack of some kind, and rips open the product right before us.)

    Customer: “Here, try this!”

    (Inside the gel pack is a metal button. She snaps it, and the gel pack hardens. To our surprise, it starts giving off a tremendous amount of heat.)

    Customer: “This is one of those reusable hand warmers; they’re perfect for pockets!”

    (My coworker and I both take a turn examining the item, appreciating the amount of heat it’s giving off.)

    Me: “Wow, this thing is great!”

    Coworker: “This has got to be one of the best things I’ve ever had the pleasure of coming across!”

    Customer: “Well, you two have a good day now!”

    Me: “We will!”

    (The customer leaves without another word. We share the tiny heater until it runs out of heat. The customer even leaves the instructions, so we can reuse it again and again. We both appreciated her kindness, as it literally warmed our hearts that day. Thank you!)

    Yukon Freeze It, Part 2
    Yukon Freeze It

    Young Boys Love Player-Time

    | Ventura, CA, USA | Awesome Customers, Family & Kids

    (I am a female photographer working in a family oriented portrait studio. I have just finished doing Christmas pictures for a single mother and her two young sons. The youngest son, roughly six, is more interested in me.)

    Me: “Go ahead and click through those. When you see the ones you want, just write the number down on this first line here. If you have any questions let me know, okay?”

    Mother: “Okay, that seems easy enough.”

    Boy: “Oh, I have a question!”

    Me: “Yes?”

    Boy: “Do you like this hat? This hat is so special!”

    Me: “That is a neat hat! What makes it special?”

    Boy: “It’s got my name on it! See?”

    (The name ‘Ruben’ is written in green glitter on his Santa hat.)

    Me: “Ruben?! Did you know there’s a really good sandwich named after you?”

    Boy: “No way!”

    (I check on the mother’s progress.)

    Boy: “Hey, hey lady!”

    Me: “Yes?”

    Boy: “What’s your name?”

    Me: “It’s Veronica, why?”

    Boy: “Well, if there’s a sandwich named after you, I would so eat it!”

    (The mother and I look at him, and laugh. The mother has also made a few decisions on her pictures.)

    Me: “Okay, so your photos will be done in about an hour and a half; sound good?”

    Mother: “Perfect!”

    (The mother picks up the youngest boy and begins to leave my store. As they are leaving, the boy is clawing over her shoulder reaching out at me.)

    Boy: “Hey, Veronica! Call me!”

    Me: “I’ll call in 20 years, dude!”

    Boy: “Okay! Don’t forget to call meeee!”

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