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    Cat-Nipped In The Bud

    | VA, USA | Top

    (I am talking to a first time cat owner about the cat she is interested in. Another woman walks in.)

    Customer #1: “Now, do I have to clean them like I would a dog?”

    Me: “No, generally cats will bathe themselves.”

    Customer #2: “Actually, you will want to bathe them. We bath our cat once a week.”

    Me: “Well, we normally recommend you don’t bathe a cat because most cats really hate water.”

    Customer #2: “We bathe our cat all the time and it keeps her clean.”

    Me: “I’m sure that works for you, but with a new cat you don’t know. I really suggest that this woman does not bathe the cat.”

    Customer #2: “No! You should bathe the cat to keep it clean!”

    (After several minutes of her insisting this, I eventually agree and she leaves. After checking that she is out of sight, I turn back to the first customer.)

    Me: “Don’t bathe the cat.”

    Customer #1: “I won’t.”