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    Case In Point

    | Battle Creek, MI, USA |

    Very pregnant girl: “I want to get my eyebrow pierced.”

    Me: “I’m not piercing you until you pop out that kid.”

    Very pregnant girl: “Why not? I have my ID, I have money!”

    Me: “You’re pregnant.”

    Very pregnant girl: “So?”

    Me: “Whatever I do to you, your baby feels. ¬†When you get pierced, your adrenaline raises and your blood sugar drops.”

    Very pregnant girl: “Well… the opposite happens to me!”

    Me: “Okay, that doesn’t make any sense, but fine. Your adrenaline drops and your blood sugar raises. It’s still affecting your kid negatively. Kinda like how you can’t drink or smoke when you’re pregnant.”

    Very pregnant girl: “My mom smoked with me and I smoked will all my kids and we’re all fine!”

    Me: “…”