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    Captain Obvious Throws In The Towel

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    (I was working in the Specialty shop, which sells Mexican food, two types of sandwiches which are preassembled by chefs, and chicken strips.)

    Guest: “What’s on the turkey sandwich?”

    Me: *recites the list of ingredients, which includes cheese*

    Guest: “Can you make me one without cheese?”

    Me: “No, ma’am. These sandwiches come into the shop premade.”

    Guest: “I just want you to make me a turkey sandwich with no cheese.”

    (This went on for a bit. Finally…)

    Me: “Ma’am, we have no sandwich-making materials in this shop. It is not possible for me to give you a turkey sandwich with *any* different ingredients.”

    Guest: “Then what do you do for people who can’t have cheese?”

    (I look at the ham and salami sandwich, which does not have cheese. I look at the fryer for the chicken fingers. I look at the shells for the taco salad, which is “Build Your Own” so all ingredients, including cheese, are completely optional. I look next door at the Grill shop, which serves hamburgers and hot dogs, cheese optional. I look at the Pizza shop, which serves items such as spaghetti and tomato soup. Then, I look back at the guest.)

    Me: “I do not know.”

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