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    Can’t Vouch(er) For His Intelligence, Part 2

    | Harrisburg, PA, USA | Uncategorized

    (A customer comes up to the register with nothing but a coupon.)

    Customer: “Can I use this? It says $15.”

    Me: “Yes, that will get you $15 off anything in the store.”

    Customer: “Okay. I want to use it.”

    Me: “No problem. Just go ahead and shop around for whatever you’d like, and then I’ll apply the coupon when you check out.”

    Customer: “It says fifteen dollars. I can get fifteen dollars?”

    Me: “This is a coupon, so the fifteen dollars will be deducted from the price of whatever you purchase.”

    Customer: “Fifteen dollars?”

    Me: “Yes sir, all you have to do is go pick out what you’d like.”

    Customer: “I want fifteen dollars.”

    Me: “I understand, but to get the fifteen dollars off, you must purchase something here.”

    Customer: *blank stare*

    Me: “Do you have an idea of what you were looking for? I can direct you to the right section.”

    Customer: “Fifteen… dollars?”

    Me: “Yes. Fifteen dollars.”

    (The customer turns around and slowly wanders out of the store.)

    Can’t Vouch(er) For His Intelligence