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    Can’t Count On His Trust

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    (A group of four teens come in to see an R rated movie. Two of the kids have ID revealing their age to be 17. The two girls have no ID. I am a manager and am called over to assist.)

    Me: “What’s wrong here?”

    Male Customer: “See, me and him have our IDs because I drove.” *points to girls* “They are 17. They just forgot their IDs.”

    Me: “Well, you owe me $100.”

    Customer: “What? No I don’t.”

    Me: “Oh, so you don’t take my word for it? You don’t trust me.”

    Girl Customer: “Hey, we are 17. We know the rules. We just forgot our IDs.”

    Me: “If you knew the rules, then why didn’t you bring your IDs? I can’t sell you tickets, but can I suggest a PG-13 movie?”

    Male Customer: “Hey wait, why do I owe you $100?!”