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    Can You Say ‘Fire Sale’

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    (We had been having some issues with are fire alarm system and it happened to go off the night I was working. We are all standing outside and there are 5 firetrucks and firemen running everywhere. A man walks up to the doors and walks in.)

    Me: “Sir, you can not go inside just yet…”

    Customer: “I just need one thing. I will be real quick, just come in and ring me up!”

    Me: “Sir, can you not see that we have a possible fire situation? We are not allowed into the building until the fire department clears us.”

    Customer: “It’s probably nothing. I will be real quick. Just let me get my stuff and I will be gone and you guys can continue.”

    Me: “Sir, that is not up to me to decide. We have to let the fire department finish what they are doing. It is for our safety.”

    Customer: *frustrated* “Fine! If you are not going to let me just grab a few things, I will take my business somewhere else!”