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    Butting In

    | Ridgewood, NJ, USA | Family & Kids

    (My job involves calling people to set up demos. During one such phone call, the following occurs.)

    Me: “Hello, is [name] there?”

    Customer: “No, she’s not at home right now. This is her husband.”

    Me: “Okay, is there a better time for me to reach her?”

    (Suddenly, I hear someone pick up the phone. It’s a child’s voice, and very audible.)

    Young Voice:Hello?

    Customer: *ignores her* “Well, what are you calling in reference to?”

    Young Voice:Dad?

    Me: “I’m friends with [friend], and she said your wife might be nice enough to help me out with something.”

    Young Voice:Dad?

    Customer: *to his kid* “One second, sweetie.” *to me* “You know, why don’t I take a message?”

    Young Voice:Dad?

    Me: “Yeah, that works, too.”

    Young Voice:Dad?

    Customer: “Okay, what’s your name?”

    Me: “I’m [name].”

    Young Voice:Dad? Can you come upstairs, please?

    Customer: *to his kid* “Just give me a minute!” *to me* “And how do you spell that?”

    Me: *I spell it out*

    Young Voice:Dad?

    Customer: “And your phone number?”

    Young Voice:Dad?

    Me: “It’s [area code]—”

    Young Voice:Dad?

    Me: *says the next three digits*

    Young Voice:DAD? DAAAAAD?

    Customer: “Sorry, could you repeat that?”

    Me: *repeats the next three digits*

    Customer: “Okay.”

    Me: *says the next four digits*

    Young Voice:DAD!

    Customer: “Just a minute, please!” *to me* “Could you repeat that again?”

    Me: *repeats the next four digits*

    Customer: “Okay, so that’s [name] at [phone number]. I’ll make sure she gets that. Thanks.”


    Customer: *click*