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    Brings New Meaning To Hot Food

    | Irvine, CA, USA | Uncategorized

    (My stall gives away free home-made fire starters made of small wood chips and wax. We have many signs stating this.)

    Customer: “Hi. How much are these?”

    Me: “Free, ma’am. Just giving them away to anyone who wants one.”

    Customer: “Oh, okay!”

    (She takes a big bite out of it.)

    Customer: “These are disgusting! How could you give away such gross snacks?”

    Me: “These aren’t actually snacks. They’re fire starters.”

    Customer: “Not snacks? Then why do they have a sugar glaze on them, smart guy?”

    Me: “That’s not a glaze, ma’am. It’s wax. It helps keep the fire starter going.”

    Customer: “Not a snack?”

    Me: “No.”

    Customer: “Then why is the glaze brown? Brown means chocolate!”

    Me: “Brown is just the color of the candle we melted.”

    Customer: “Not a snack?”

    (At this point I called over a colleague to set up a demonstration burning in the fire-pit. The woman watches amazed.)

    Customer: “They start fires and they’re snacks! Holy s***!”