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    Blown Away By Insensitivity

    | New York, USA | Uncategorized

    (I am discussing with a customer why I can’t transfer him to our corporate office. They are located in Kentucky; at this time, they have had to evacuate the building for a tornado watch.)

    Customer: “You’re just trying to give me the run around!”

    Me: “Sir, they had to evacuate for a tornado!”

    Customer: “Yesterday, there was a corporate meeting. Today, there’s a tornado. What about tomorrow? A tidal wave?!”

    Me: “Sir, they had to leave. Their lives were in danger.”

    Customer: “Surely you can understand my frustration. This is ridiculous!”

    Me: “No, sir. I don’t understand your frustration. It’s a tornado.”

    Customer: “This is the worst customer service ever!” *hangs up*