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    Blind To Reason, Part 3

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    Me: “Thank you for calling [store]. May I help you?”

    Caller: *frustrated* “My husband has been in your store for over an hour and no one is helping him! I sent him in to match a red and white fabric!”

    Me: “Okay, can you give me his description? I’ll send someone out to look for him.”

    (The caller gives me her husband’s description, and another employee tries to find him. Five minutes later, the woman calls back.)

    Caller: *angrily* “Hi, I’m the one whose husband isn’t getting any help at your store. He’s trying to match a red and white fabric for me.”

    Me: “I’m sorry, I sent someone out to look. Do you know where he is in the store? That would help us locate him.”

    Caller: “He says he’s by the red fabric. By the way, he’s color blind.”

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