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    Big Bother

    | United Kingdom | Extra Stupid, Politics, Top

    (A young girl of 18 or 19, clearly a first-time voter, skips the line and rushes up to my table.)

    Me: “I’m sorry, you’ll have to wait. There’s a line.”

    Voter: “I’m sorry, but it’s important! I need to get my ballot paper back. I voted for the wrong person!”

    Me: “Alright, give me the spoiled one.”

    Voter: “I can’t. I put it in the box.”

    Me: “Then I’m afraid we can’t get it back. The boxes can’t be opened until the end of voting at ten o’clock.”

    Voter: “But I didn’t know! I don’t want the Conservatives to get in so I voted for [Conservative candidate]. I should have voted for someone else!”

    Me: “Um, why did you vote for the Conservative?”

    (The girl turns scarlet and looks utterly miserable.)

    Voter: “I thought it was like TV where you vote them off!”