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    Beyond Even The Power Of Pixel Dust, Part 2

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    (An elderly lady comes in with a very blurry and old photo she wants made bigger.)

    Customer: “This is a photo of my son. He was in a band in the 80’s! I want it made bigger!”

    Me: “Madam, this photo is very damaged, blurry and old. It’s probably better that you get it just the standard size so you won’t notice the loss of quality so much.”

    Customer: “What do you mean it’s no good? This photo is a good photo! I want it about A4 size!”

    Me: “Okay. Do you happen to have the negative?”

    Customer: “No, it never had a negative. It was taken with a digital camera!”

    Me: “It must have a negative. They didn’t have digital camera’s in the 80’s.”

    Customer: “Yes they did! It was digitised!”

    Me: “Okay, madam. I will just use this photo and make it bigger for you. It’ll take me about an hour to get it done. But I am just letting you know that the quality will be very bad.”

    Customer: “It will look good, don’t you worry. That’s my son! He always looks good!”

    Beyond Even The Power Of Pixel Dust