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    Bestial Superiority Complexes

    | France | Pets & Animals

    (I’m a customer at the vet with my cat. Another customer walks in with a large dog.)

    Receptionist: “Good morning! Do you have an appointment?”

    Customer: “No, I just need to see the vet for vaccinations.”

    Receptionist: “I’ll let him know you’re in, but you will have to wait. We have another patient with an appointment waiting.”

    Customer: *looks at my cat* “But it’s just some cat! My dog is a pure breed and it cost 1000 euros!”

    Me: “And your point is?”

    Customer: “I’m in a hurry! Can’t you just wait a bit longer? Your cat isn’t a pure breed.”

    Me: “Yes, but she has an appointment and your purebred dog doesn’t.”

    (At this point, the vet comes in and asks me to bring my cat. As I walk in the exam room, I can hear the customer complaining.)

    Customer: “No self-respecting vet would make a pure breed wait!”