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    Best Try The Duet Yourself Checkout

    | Adelaide, Australia | Uncategorized

    (An elderly gentleman selects a paintbrush and takes it to the counter.)

    Customer: “Now, I don’t pay for items. I sing and dance on the table tops instead.”

    Me: (I laugh, thinking he’s joking.) “That’s $1.19 please.”

    Customer: “Well I reckon that’d be about a minute’s worth of singing.”

    Me: *still thinking he’s joking* “Actually it’s $1.19 so it’s probably more like a minute and twenty seconds.”

    (The customer then starts singing a monotone song – something about a cat. He is hobbling from side to side. I couldn’t help it; I just laughed until tears were running down my face.)

    Customer: “That was verse one! There are 93 more!”

    Me: “In that case I’ll just take the cash.”