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    Best To Let Sleeping Service Dogs Lie

    | USA | At The Checkout, Health & Body

    (I am disabled and have a service dog that accompanies me everywhere, including my job. I typically run a register, and he will either sit or lay beside me on the rubber mat behind the register. I typically don’t talk about my disabilities with strangers, since some people can be rather mean.)

    Customer: “Oh, a service dog! Are you training it?”

    Me: *ringing up customer’s items* “No. He’s mine.”

    Customer: “But you don’t look disabled.”

    (I just smile and continue their transaction.)

    Customer: “Oh! Do you have seizures?”

    Me: “Something like that.”

    Customer: “Diabetes?”

    Me: “Something like that.”

    Customer: “PTSD?”

    Me: “Something like that.”

    Customer: “Well! I wasn’t trying to be nosy. Hmph!”

    Me: “Sorry about that. Your total will be [total].”

    (The customer pays and takes his bags, starts heading for the door before turning back to me.)

    Customer: “I’m sorry. That was rude of me, wasn’t it?”

    Me: “Something like that.”