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    Best Not Berate Bob Or You’ll Get The Boot

    | New Jersey, USA | At The Checkout, Awesome Customers, Top

    (I go to my local post office several times a week. One the employees, Bob, always has a smile on his face no matter what. One day, I come in and see he’s the only one working. There’s a long line due to many large and complicated orders. A customer comes in behind me, sees the long line, and starts complaining about the slow service.)

    Customer: “It’s much faster at [other] post office. Don’t you think they are slow here?”

    Me: “No. I think there are a lot of people, it’s lunch time, and Bob there is going as fast as he can.”

    Customer: “They are much faster at [other] office.”

    Me: “No, they aren’t. That’s why I come here. Bob’s as fast as he can be. Look, he’s not slacking. You can see he’s working as fast as possible.”

    Customer: “But they are so rude here!”

    (Now I’m angry. This office, and Bob, in particular, is never rude.)

    Me: “No, they are not rude. They are nice, even when they have to deal with people like you.”

    Customer: *stomps around* “Well, I’m never coming here again! Everyone is rude and slow! Next time, I’m going to [other] office instead!”

    Me: “Why don’t you just go there now?”

    Customer: “I will!”

    (As she leaves, all the other customers nod in relief and the tension in the line disappears.)

    Bob: *still smiling, to me* “Thank you.”