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    Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Bequeather

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    (Most customers at the café where I work are regulars, including an older couple who comes in every Saturday. The wife is slightly disabled and has a mild facial disfigurement. She has previously complimented me on a certain necklace I wear. Today, I’m not exactly in a good place. While I am washing up, she comes to the side of the shop and calls me.)

    Wife: “I want to see you when you get a moment!”

    (When I go to clean the tables, I walk over to her table.)

    Me: “You wanted to show me something?”

    (The wife hands me a small bag. Inside is an assortment of beautiful gold jewellery with sparkling stones.)

    Me: “Oh, they’re so beautiful! Thank you for showing me these!”

    Wife: “Keep them.”

    Me: “I’m sorry?”

    Wife: “I bought them for you.”

    Me: “For me? Are you sure?”

    Wife: “Yes, I ordered them for you. Do you like them?”

    Me: “Of course I do… thank you. I’m very touched.”

    Wife: “It’s alright, darling. You’re a beautiful girl, and I want to help you if you need it!”

    (It’s moments like these that remind me there’s still good in the world.)