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    Be Civil To The Civilians

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    (I am a female officer-instructor, in line at the on-base convenience store. I am in my civilian clothes. Behind me are two soldiers in uniform that I recognize as new students in my latest class.)

    Soldier #1: “Man, why do they let civs shop here?”

    Soldier #2: “I don’t know why they even let civilians on base, you know? Unless they’re clerks or some s***; gotta have someone run the till.”

    Cashier: *winks at me* “So, lieutenant, how’s the instructor life treating you?”

    Me: “Oh, same old.”

    (I look back at the two soldiers with my best ‘I will make you do push-ups until you throw up’ death glare.)

    Me: “…some of my new students are going to take a lot of work.”

    (Both soldiers turn pale and run out. The clerk laughs so hard she starts wheezing.)