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    Back To The Future

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    (I work in a store based around ‘The Old West,’ where the salespeople wear clothing reminiscent of the era. Halfway through the shift, a boy and girl around eight years old run into the store and up to me.)

    Boy: *urgently* “What year is it?”

    Me: “What?”

    Girl: “What year is it??”

    (I wonder for a moment if this is a trick question, and if I’m supposed to answer according to ‘The Old West’ theme.)

    Me: “1826.”

    Boy: “Are you sure?”

    Me: *pulling out my old style pocket watch* “Pretty sure. Last time I checked it was 1826.”

    Boy: *distraught, to the girl* “It didn’t work!”

    Me: “Why? What answer were you expecting?”

    Girl: “Somewhere in the 4000s!”

    (They run out of the store and don’t come back.)