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    Awesome Customers Do Exist

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    (8:55 pm: I’m guarding the door at work, waiting for the last couple of customers to finish up and get the heck out. They are going kinda slow, but I can’t kick them out because they were in the store before we close.

    9:05 pm: They finally got what movies they wanted and are just about to pay when another guy tries to come in)

    Late Customer: “Hold on please! I just need to get one thing!”

    Me: “Sorry sir, it’s past 9pm. These are the last customers for the night.”

    Late Customer: “But all I want to get is a PS2. Why can’t you get it for me?”

    Me: “Because you came in after 9, we want to close up.”

    Late Customer: “But they are getting stuff.”

    Me: “They were in here before 9.”

    Late Customer: “So you aren’t gonna help me? I wanna speak to your manager! Are you the manager?”

    (This is the fun part, one of the women buying stuff chimes in)

    Woman Customer: “Yeah, I’m the manager and we need to get the heck out of here to go home! You should have gotten here earlier!”

    Late Customer: *Flabbergasted* “Wha? Well… YOU LOST A SALE!” *storms out*

    Manager (the real one): “…Wow. Thank you very much!”

    Me: “Ditto! Thanks a lot and have a wonderful night!”