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    Attention Detention

    | IL, USA | Top

    (I work at the DMV. I’m easily the youngest employee working this day, and I am helping a middle aged man who is more or less ignoring me.)

    Me: “You’re renewing your license today, sir?”

    Customer: “Yes! I have to take a written test!”

    (He mutters to himself and idly plays with his phone while I type.)

    Me: “And your address is still [address]?”

    Customer: “I already said I need to take a written test! Why are they letting a child work here?! Kids your age clearly cannot pay attention!”

    Me: “Sir, I was asking if your address is still the same.”

    Customer: *red faced* “Let me speak with your supervisor!”

    (Her desk is right behind me, so she stands up and takes the two steps to be in my window.)

    Customer: “This young girl is so rude! She offended me.”

    Supervisor: “Try and pay attention when someone is speaking with you. And no cell phones out while at a window—state security policy.”

    Customer: *gets even redder*