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    At Least She Tried: Racism, Sexism AND Jesus

    | Upstate New York, USA | Top

    Female customer, from 15 feet away: “Hey, you!”

    Me: “Yes?”

    (Customer comes over with her friends and a dirty soccer-ball shaped pillow.)

    Female customer: “This is the last one and it’s dirty. I want 20% off!”

    Me: “I’d like to give you a discount, but you’ll have to talk to one of my superiors. I don’t have the authority to do that.”

    Female customer: *points towards the sky* “My only superior is up there, and He’s the only one who I take orders from. ”

    Me: “Let me see if I can get a manager.”

    (I call for a manager, and of course, no one shows up. After 10 minutes…)

    Female customer: “Why can’t you give me a discount?”

    Me: “Because I don’t have the authority.”

    Female customer: “Well, I think you can’t give me a discount because you don’t believe in Jesus!”

    Me: “You can take that item to the service desk, and I’m sure they’d be able to help you out.”

    Female customer: “Yeah and we’ll stick out like a bunch of sore thumbs since we’re the only black people in the store!”

    Me: “Actually, our store manager is African American, as well as two of our assistant managers, who are both women.”

    Female customer: “Oh.” *she finally walks away*