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    Articulated Truck Drivers Aren’t Articulate

    | Massachusetts, USA | Extra Stupid

    (A truck driver walks up to desk and stares at wall behind me.)

    Me: “Can…I help you?”

    Driver: “Yeaaaaa…” *waits ten seconds, looks behind him, looks back at me, waits another 5 seconds* “I don’t have my shipment numbers.”

    Me: “Well, where are they?”

    Driver: “They’re in the truck.”

    Me: “They’re in the truck?”

    Driver: “Yup.”

    Me: “So you left the truck with the numbers inside, walked all the way through the property, and up to my desk to tell me you left the numbers in the truck?”

    Driver: “Yeaaaaaaa.” *stares at the wall again*

    Me: “You want to go get them?”

    Driver: “Get what?”

    Me: “Are you filming this?”