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    Apparently Bad Parenting

    | Cincinnati, OH, USA | Top

    (I walk into the kitchen and see a toddler reaching for a knife, blade first. I run and grab him before he gets it. He cries, but I let him play with my necklace while I take him back out to his mother, who is attached to her cell phone.)

    Mother: “Oh my God!”

    (I hand him to her.)

    Me: “Don’t worry Ma’am he’s fine, I just–”

    Mother: “I’m calling the cops! You tried to kidnap my son!”

    Me: “You’ve got to be kidding.”

    Mother: “I saw you! You had my son!”

    Me: “Yes, I found him in the kitchen.”

    Mother: “You took him in there!”

    Me: “Why would I do that?”

    Mother: “Cause you want to be a mother so bad that you had to take my sweet boy!”

    Me: “If I took him, why would I bring him back?”

    Mother: “Stop distracting me!”

    (She begins to dial 911. Another customer walks up. I recognize him.)

    Officer: “Ma’am, hang up your phone. I’m a cop.”

    (He shows his badge.)

    Mother: “Arrest her!”

    Officer: “Ma’am, I watched your son walk into the kitchen on his own accord. If anyone is getting arrested, it’s you for endangering the welfare of a child.”