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    And The Cases Serve Their Purpose

    | Westlake Village, CA, USA | Uncategorized

    (Note: this is before Halo 3 has come out. A customer walks into the store and looks at the display cases of Halo 3.)

    Customer: “HALO 3 IS OUT! HOW DID I MISS IT?! Do u have any copies left?”

    Me: “No. The game does not come out for another month.”

    Customer: “Then why do you have the cases out on the floor already?! Its ridiculous! It serves no purpose but to taunt the customer. I hate when stores do this!”

    (Customer turns and complains to his friend for five minutes, then turns back to me.)

    Customer: “Is there any way that I can reserve Halo 3?”

    Me: “Yes, you can for $5.”

    (Customer buys the reserve.)

    Me, as he is leaving: “And the cases serve their purpose.”