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    … And Elvis Has Left The Building!

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    *phone rings*

    Me: “Thank you for calling ***…”

    Her: “Yes, I see in your ad this week that you have Happy Feet out.”

    Me: “Yes, it’s out for the Playstation 2.”

    Her: “That’s not the movie?”

    Me: “No, it is not.”

    Her: “When is it coming?”

    Me: “It’s out in theaters right now. We have no date on when it is coming.”

    Her: “Well is there anything that can show my grandkids how to do the dance?”

    Me: “Not that I am aware of.”

    Her: “Well I got this book for my grandkids and it shows the penguins….” *goes on for what feels like an HOUR about some book and teaching them some dance from the movie. I sorta doze on and off since her voice is very… shall I say….. monotone, flat, and boring. Finally…* “….. so the main reason why I’m calling.”

    Me: (you mean to tell me all this was a SECONDARY reason why you called?) “Yes ma’am.”

    Her: “Do you believe in Christ?”

    Me: “Uuuhhhhh…..” *customer comes up with stackfull of DVDs* “I gotta go now. Bye.” *hangs up phone*