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    An Expensive Temper Tantrum

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    (I was cashiering and couldn’t help but overhear a woman screaming and waving her receipt at my Store Director in front of the exit/entrance to the store.)

    Customer: “This is ridiculous! I came to see if the food I buy is cheaper than at [competitor] and it is. But they always give me a free bag after I get a certain amount of points!”

    Director: “I know they do. But we aren’t them, we simply don’t do that.”

    Customer: “Well why not?!”

    Director: “We just don’t. It’s not my decision to make.”

    Customer: “UGH!” *rips up the receipt and throws it in the directors face* “FINE THEN, I’LL BUY FROM [competitor] INSTEAD!!”

    Director: “Okay, have a nice day!” *waves pleasantly and walks over to me to give me change that I needed*

    Me: “Did she just leave without getting a refund for those five 40 lb. bags of dog food?”

    (Note: this comes to approximately $125 without tax.)

    Director: “Yup, and she ripped up the receipt and didn’t take it with her, which means she has no proof she ever bought the food.”

    Me: “…so if she comes back?”

    Director: *smiles wide* “Tell her that you need to see the proof.”

    (The woman never returned for her refund. Thanks for the $125, lady.)