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    Always Right, Even With Other Customers

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    (I’m a customer putting my groceries on the conveyor belt, and I realise I’ve forgotten one item. Half way through loading my stuff onto the conveyor, I stop, and sprint across the store to pick up this item. As I get back, two little old ladies have put a separator immediately behind my groceries.)

    Me: “I’m sorry, I’m not quite finished. I forgot an item.”

    Old lady: “Oh, it’s okay. I’ve just put this here.” *points at the separator*

    Me: “But I need more space for the rest of my groceries. Can you move your stuff back, please?”

    Till Assistant: “‘Scuse me, love, he’s not finished.”

    Old lady: “I KNOW! I’VE JUST PUT THIS HERE!” *points at the separator*

    Me & the till assistant: “Huh?”

    Old lady: “Oh, nevermind! We’ll go to another till! We can’t wait for HIM and HER to finish their rubbish!”

    *old lady storms off*

    (Seriously, WTF?)