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    Alphabetical Disorder

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    (I work in the electronics department of a big box store. Customers continue to believe we have a computer system we can check to see if a certain CD or movie is in stock. Sadly, we don’t. This occurs not long after the release of a popular CD. A teenaged girl and her friend approach my counter.)

    Customer: “Excuse me, can you look up if you have the Carter 4 CD?”

    Me: “We actually don’t have a system like that, but if we have any they’ll be down there.” *points to music aisle*

    Customer: “You don’t know if you have any?”

    Me: “Well, we don’t stock the CD’s, a vendor does for us, so we actually don’t know everything that’s here.”

    (I explain this at least once a day, for the record.)

    Friend: “Thank you, we’ll look.”

    Customer: “But where do I look?”

    Me: “They’re all in alphabetical order by the artists name, so just look under the L’s.”

    Customer: *sighs* “Where are the L’s?”

    Me: “Um…after the K’s?”

    (The friend drags her off and mumbles something that sounds like “stop being stupid.”)