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    Almost Makes You Want To Re-Tire

    | Virginia, USA |

    Customer: “They charged me $110 for working on my car?!”

    Me: “What did you have done?”

    Customer: “I just came because the car said service was needed on the car.”

    Me: “Yes, you got an oil change and tire rotation, state inspection and a car wash.”

    Customer: “Tire rotation? Aren’t they always like, rotating as I drive?”

    Me: “Yes, but the tires are removed and swapped, the tires on the rear are moved to the front, and the fronts to the rear. It’s to help the tires wear out evenly.”

    Customer: “They wear out?”

    Me: “Eventually, yes. They do.”

    Customer: “Why?”

    (I try to describe traction, friction, and the breakdown of soft compounds like tire tread over concrete.)

    Customer: *blank stare* “Isn’t my car pretty?”

    (As the customer leaves, they pull on the door about three times before they see the push sign.)