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    Acrimonious Acronyms

    | Middletown, RI, USA | At The Checkout, Technology

    (A customer pulls out his credit card to pay for his purchase. We cashiers have to push a button on the computer before the card reader will work.)

    Me: “Will that be debit or credit?”

    Customer: “Credit.”

    Me: “Okay, wait for the green light then slide your card through the machine.”

    Customer: *slides card before the green light comes on then stares at the machine* “It didn’t work.”

    Me: “That’s okay. Just slide your card again now that the green light is on.”

    Customer: “Oh, yeah. You did say to wait for the green light. I have an acronym for that. FTFD!”

    Me: “FTFD?”

    Customer: “Follow the f****** directions!”