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    A Whole New Meaning To Racing Games

    | Stillwater, OK, USA | Bigotry, Technology, Theme Of The Month, Top

    (I work for a Singapore-based business. We support computer equipment, that often includes a free PC game.)

    Customer: “Do y’all have any games that isn’t about [slur to describe Chinese people] or [slur describing black people]?”

    Coworker: “Um, I’m sorry, what?”

    Customer: “F****** c****’s and n*****’s! All the games I got from your company have those people in them.”

    Coworker: “I’m sorry you’re disappointed in the free games, but I’m going to have ask you to use more respectful language.”

    Customer: “Yeah, I know they make you say that kind of nonsense. You’re going to have to replace these games though. I can’t play a game about those people.”

    Coworker: “Like I said, sir, the games are free. If you’re offended, may I suggest not playing them?”

    (My coworker presses the mute button and talks to the supervisor on duty.)

    Coworker: “Can I disconnect someone for being racist?”

    (The supervisor looks at the picture of my coworker’s very racially diverse family, and then picks up the phone.)

    Supervisor: “Sir, I’m afraid that my c**** and n***** coworkers and I at our c**** company are going to have to ask you to take your racist game needs somewhere else. If you can find a single game anywhere that doesn’t have an Asian or Black person working on it, you are welcome to it. Please don’t call again.” *click*