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    (Our area has recently been hit with a bunch of fraudulent credit cards. We’ve been advised to double check IDs and cards. My coworker is checking out a customer and asks to see his ID.)

    Customer: “What do you need to see my ID for?”

    Coworker: “We’ve been advised to check all IDs. Besides the back of your card says to check ID anyway, so…”

    Customer: “Well, I’m telling you I am not showing you my identity! This is ridiculous! Where’s your manager?”

    Me: “That would be me, sir. You’ll either have to show identification, or use another form of payment.”

    Customer: “Fine! Here!”

    (He tosses his entire wallet at me. I glance at the ID, which is out of state. The man in the picture is very obviously not the man in front of me. Furthermore, the card is in a woman’s name. I slide the ID to the side and notice that another ID is underneath; this ID is to another person! My coworker has noticed this, too. He ducks around the bend, and I hear him calling the police. I pretend to run the card through and have ‘technical problems’, stalling him long enough for the cops to get to our store. When they search him, they find another wallet on him with various cards. He’d been using stolen cards all day without anyone checking them!)